Glowstation feedback and bugreport thread

Medbay treatment has no exit access

medbay treatment centre airlocks should let people get out from the room with no access.

4th floor station map is a bit borked

seems fine to me… then again im blind

no access restriction on this door

Huh, I couldn’t open it as a Chaplain at all.

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Maybe it’s maints access then which is still wrong

Why would a maintenance door not having access restrictions when maintenance access is enabled be wrong :thinking:

Emergency maint access was not on. Maint doors to departaments should have the department’s access not maint access. Maint access should be only used inside maintenace and for maint doors outside of departaments (corridors)

Whatever this decal is near the holodeck. Might be from the floor above or below.

Stuff seems to be falling down somehow.

trust me the former is as intended. also probably roof broken

Don’t have any pics
Some disposal units at 3rd floor, east of library leads to nowhere and is broken

Dark corner, zero lights on Shutle Construction zone, alongside a literal space hole, however it’s ‘‘glitched’’ you don’t get pressure and lack of air damage until you try to repair it, once you do you start taking damage

No camera on kitchen coldroom

Neither of the buttons open the armory shutters, one closes the windoor, the other closes the reinforced window

Uhh so… this was gulag shuttle, probably loading map bug?

The last one is a bug with Bacon’s sleepers PR

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poor bacon. just wants to do silly thigns yet they’re stuck with the nightmare of shuttle code

i swear lad atmos access is literaly placed in on it

I would like to see a map of this station

Next time glow is TM’d I am going at your smelly doors with an axe