Ganima’s tips on how to be a more effective security officer

Ganima’s tips on how to be a more effective security officer

This is not a guide on how to be robust in combat, an overview of gear or antags. It’s a few things that you can do to drastically increase your effectiveness as a security officer.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Two people working together are worth way more than two people. Worst case, even if your partner was an unarmored unarmed person, they would still be a huge help. If nothing else, then to scream where you are and what weapons the bad man has.

I understand that working with people can be annoying, but when it works it really works and you two can become law enforcement machines. You can also be a partner to someone instead of asking for someone to follow you. Just follows someone around. Try following one of the security statics if you are new.

Communication is Key

Talking on the radio and “listening” to the radio is one of the most important skills to have. To achieve teamwork, you must communicate. I don’t know how many officers I have seen silently go into maintenance without a partner and just die without even a whimper.

Ideally the job of coordinating the department should be HoS’s job. Sadly, the average HoS player plays it like they are just an upgraded security officer. I will get to HoS in another guide.

Ask officer where they are. Ask what the current suspects are. Ask what is known of them or what weapons they have. Even if everyone on the team knows, which frankly, is very unlikely since people miss radio talk all the time, it’s still worth it to remind everyone and get on the same page.

Inform your teammates what you are doing, are about to do or have done:

“I’m going into med maints, anyone want to come with?”

If you don’t have a partner here is a chance for them to step up. If only just for a little bit or because they are bored. This also lets you scream “help” without needing to also say the location if thing go bad. It’s faster and more consistent then being located based on sensors.

“I have searched the med maints. Nothing found.”

This lets other know that there is nothing in medical maints. Shocking, I know. They will then not waste time looking around there. This lets you search the station properly instead of just running around like a bunch of bumbling morons.

Don’t Die

Simple as. Seriously though one of the most important skills is learning when to run away. The skill to quell you valid hunting bloodlust for just a moment is very valuable. Think of all the things you can report if you survive. What weapons they have, what armor they have, last known location… And think of all the thing the bad man is not getting by you not dying. No security gear and the security team is still one person stronger.

You should know what weapons beat what weapon or armor. This part, sadly, only comes with experience. For example, if you have a laser gun (no shotgun?) and they have drake armor you can’t hurt them. Time to run away and report that. If they are a ling with EMP and you only have a e-gun (no shotgun?) then run away.

Knowing what to expect and what gear to bring (probably the shotgun), as well as being able to act without second guessing is a huge boon for the rest of the team. Also giving yourself the possibility to engage again later on your own terms can be huge.

Running away will sometimes result in the bad man getting away permanently. But, much more often running away is the optimal choice resulting in them getting caught just a little later and lives being saved. Stay alive.

Always Have an Escape Plan

If you decide that the fight is viable it’s still important to always have an escape route ready and visualized in your head. They have the initiative usually, so you won’t even have time to decide if it’s a viable fight. You don’t know what they have in their bag. You always need to be ready to run. They could pull out a gun and then what smart ass?

This can mostly be achieved by not overextending. Don’t follow bad man into areas you have no access to. Don’t even try. It’s so easy to get stuck or cornered and die. Don’t even go into areas you don’t have access unless you are sure the AI is watching over you. You don’t want to be the guy that screams for the AI to open the door for 5 minutes because you could not control yourself.

Again, try not to be alone. This makes it much safer and much more likely that at least one person will get away to report back and get help. Don’t just run around maints alone like a headless chicken, and then be surprised when you get dogpiled by cultists.

Don’t chase them into space if you don’t have the proper gear. Don’t chase them over big stretches of breached station if you don’t have space adapt or similar.

It sounds basic. Trust me I have seen people die again and again to these kinds of things.

Stay focused

One final tip I will give is to stay focused. Don’t get distracted and lose your partner. If HoS or someone says to stay with them then stay with them or tell them, you won’t do it so they can at least count you out.

Don’t wander off the seconds they move away like you lack object permanence. Communicate and set goal for yourself and the team to achieve. This is me getting into HoS mode again, but give clear tasks for the team to complete.

“We need to secure cargo by mindshielding the crew. Then we need to search medbay maints."
“We need to search the botanist who is possibly armed. Who wants to do that?”
“The suspect is in space. I need two officers to get into suits and chase them down. Last seen near east solars.”

Then you can say:

“I am in brig looking for someone to help me with cargo. I don’t have access.”
“I am in medbay checkpoint. Checking out maints. Keep an eye on the crew monitor.”
“I can search the botanist. Anyone want to help?”
“I can do space. Coming to brig now.”


People usually want to help. They usually want to get things done. But you need to allow them by stating your intentions. By communicating properly. This also applies to the much coveted RP.

See how much more effective you can be when you organize with just a few words. See how much safer and more fun it can be. God forbid that this communication leads to some RP instead of just silently hunting the bad man. Would not want that.

Might edit the wiki.