Fusion/sm fusion/sm setup video

The much requested simple fusion setup please make fun of me in comments because I don’t use hotkey mode.

(clearly dont put the fusion in the sm unless you plan on killing the entire server, this was a tame fusion that didnt do a superfusion reaction in the sm like it can)

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this might make your life easier, but if you pull the most recent code and right click on a canister, you can set the gases and the temperature with VV.

this was supposed to be a reference to how to do it in game

Just use the admin tools bro

How do you think I managed to geeentext as traitor every round? /sarcasm


no sarcasm allowed this is bee station

the sm broke the fusion canister oh god oh fuck

epic if its over 30 0’s it will burn reinforced floors

How do you make your fusion more powerful?

make more cans using the prior one to heat the new one