Fronsis Job-ban by Bastian0930

CKEY: Fronsis

Admin’s CKEY:bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP (Haven’t checked MRP)

Ban Type: Job (Cyborg, PAI, AI)

Ban Length: One week (Expiring on 11/23/2019 18:13

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/16/2019

Round ID:9161

Ban Reason:“Harmed 2 people. A normal human, and then a holo. Holo damage goes through human, thats human harm, yada yada yada. Has notes for this.”

Appeal Reason: Mostly appealing for two main things: Fix the reason on my note(discord) and on the website since i believe it’s wrongfully typed and maybe a vouch to reduce it a little bit and do a breakdown of the situation

Additional Information:

I’m gonna breakdown here how the situation went, adding my PoV, adressing my first note

First off, i’m from the same region as Rue, an Argentinian so overall i play with +230ping and on that moment i had a download on second plane that spiked it into 280-ish, this will play into later of the breakdown of situation, althought of course doesn’t justify anything.

This happened on Delta, on Maint down of Robotics, i heard the call on chat that says something along “Chap, robotics, holo, help” and i was nearby so i reach there and find myself with the Chaplain (stand user) along the Holopara, one scientist was laying, one officer was being beaten by the holo, first thing i do is to use the Human harm to try to at least knock down the Chap so at least the upcoming people could start to work, i try to tank the first hits of the Holo, while i was harming the Chap with the fire extinguisher, midway of that i remembered what Bastian told me the first time he banned me (and the only note relatable to the cause, the others are justified by other means but overall it was for human harm and got a three day ban for it) so i decided to try and hit the holopara, because my reasoning was “How would my borg know that the Holo is linked to the user? Even so if by beating the holo blood comes out of the user, there’s not a solid conclussion for it” So midway through that i was grabbing a sec officer that was on crit and as well tried to move another scientist( i believe) to move him to safety to be healed, at that point Holo and i exchanged a couple of blows since we were dragging into the same direction, but didn’t chase him to finish him off, i prioritazed helping the critted people, bolted a door and when i came back HoS was also on crit but saw the RD Imhotep told on radio that he was dead so i wasn’t the one to finish them off, i was planning to write this RP reason of the borg not knowing that(and saw on discord that this was being discussed and apparently it was? A council rule but it’s not there anymore? All on Lago words) but Bastian decided to close the ticket and i moved on since while i was afk i got emagged and went to help the guy out.

So yeah overall my appeal at first reason goes to fix the note/ban reason on discord(I remember one time Mark told me that it can’t be edited so not sure about this) and a proper format on the beestation website ban section since yeah. I know about what he means but formatting it in a way of “yadda yadda” i don’t think it’s… the best, because all bans leave a precedent and i’ve seen people talking about banned people and what they did so… people DO pay attention so a proper formatting leads to avoid further do the same and most if it’s one of those tricky situations, and the other would be to fix the “harmed two people”, the Holoparasite is not considered human so… yeah. Better formatting please for the sake of clarity for my own personal account(In case in the future i decide to get involved furthermore with the Bee Staff i wouldn’t like to have something that’s not adressed properly so i’m taking the chance now) and for other people so they can have this precedent.

As i side note most players and admins that play around the same i do, can vouch that i’ve improved as a Peacekeeper borg, which is the main one i’ve been using these couple of weeks for hours, and that when Bastian first banned me i took his advice seriously about fully using the tools to prevent human harm, in no way i inted to play Peacekeeper as some sort of Validkeeper hunter, i always try to double check my actions and in this case i did the “standard” of hitting the Holo(thinking the RP way) althought yes, i did hit the chaplain multiple times on the sequence of me realizing the mistake plus the adittion of the holo dragging it away while i was also going on that direction and trying to save the sec(which ended up being an Ipc once i heard his death sound) and proceed to go back and help with the injured before moving along, most of my hours lately have been with the Peacekeeper so in a way i’m trying to master him, althought while on LRP sometimes can be veeery hard i really like the dynamic he provides and i was even suggesting some stuff to Mark to add to make him a fully harm preventer(zipties) But anyway to not make this more long as it already is this overall should be resumed on

-Hitting holo situation on the RP basics and the actions i took
-Fixing the format on the reason
-The vouch of the ones that have seen me playing Peacekeeper lately to mark my point of me trying and improving since the ban
-I wouldn’t mind a ban reduction into less than five days, but the appeal is mostly to fix the format and to open the discussion about this issue about the holopara

Thank you.

You have a point. I apologise for that.

This right here IS human harm. This directly flows damage into a human. It’s like shocking water a human is standing on and saying that you didn’t harm them.

Last I saw, you were beating a human with a fire extinguisher in the logs, but I’ll still lower it to 5 days and do some log diving tomorrow

Thanks Bastian! I actually ended up talking with some other admins and players on Discord to get some extra opinions on the matter and see the human harm. One of the players linked up a Silicon Policy that i never saw before, it’s a great read for any silicon player to have this little guide/ reminder, even if it’s on the TG wiki most of them can be applied here(I guess it’s a matter of time before the proper Silicon Policy that bee will work on will get into the wiki) and teach everything really nicely, i’ll be sure to do a double-read on this in the upcoming days to avoid this type of incident to ever occur again and to help me git gud as a silicon.

Yeah, it’s got some good bits. But some of it aint the best. I THINK a bee policy is in the works.

2019-11-16 23:49:23.259] ATTACK: Fronsis/(Good Boy V1) has attacked Destruktor/(Ziggy Stardust) with fire extinguisher (INTENT: HARM) (DAMTYPE: BRUTE) (NEWHP: -7.2) (Port Quarter Maintenance (143, 65, 2))
[2019-11-16 23:49:22.158] ATTACK: Fronsis/(Good Boy V1) has attacked Destruktor/(Ziggy Stardust) with fire extinguisher (INTENT: HARM) (DAMTYPE: BRUTE) (NEWHP: -2.2) (Port Quarter Maintenance (143, 65, 2))
[2019-11-16 23:49:24.416] ATTACK: Fronsis/(Good Boy V1) has attacked Destruktor/(Ziggy Stardust) with fire extinguisher (INTENT: HARM) (DAMTYPE: BRUTE) (NEWHP: -12.2) (Port Quarter Maintenance (143, 66, 2))
[2019-11-16 23:49:27.481] ATTACK: Fronsis/(Good Boy V1) has attacked Destruktor/(Ziggy Stardust) with fire extinguisher (INTENT: HARM) (DAMTYPE: BRUTE) (NEWHP: -21.4) (Port Quarter Maintenance (143, 67, 2))

However, it seems the person you attacked created that holoparasite!

[2019-11-16 23:34:20.215] GAME: Destruktor/(Ziggy Stardust) has summoned BRAAAAP/(Zinc Petunia), a Standard holoparasite.

So, it’s technically one person. I’m lowering it to 3 days.