Fronsis banned by Bastian0930 - A tale of (HUMAN HARM ALARM)


Admin’s CKEY:Bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Likely both

Ban Type:Server Ban and Job Ban

Ban Length:1 week Server ban and 30 days Job Ban

Ban Date:12/4/2019

Round ID:9859

Ban Reason:’‘As a borg, beat a man dead for having a similar name to a ling. Has many notes on silicon misbehavior. Please appeal on’’

Appeal Reason:Well, for the most part, Bastian is the admin that’s most on in the timezone i play, seeing from time to time Lago, Zesko and Moccha (Rip Mark forever in MRP) so, yeah Bastian has been the one who’ve put me through my most recent 5 notes, all about Cyborg behaviour(Will quote them later) so he was the one that reviewed all the cases and applied the respective punishment (Except the one about the Holoparasite which was consulted to council to have a major say) Overall i would like to discuss a bit the part that says ‘‘many notes on silicon behaviour’’ because it seems like there’s no actual follow-up of the notes or any check up from the particulars situations, and since i don’t want this to be like the post that was like ‘‘ZESKORION SEES NOTES, ZEESKORION BANS!!!’’ I would like to use this appeal to get Bastian involved in a sense of how he perceives me as a player and while of course he can’t follow 100% all the players that he has banned or have put notes into i guess since we know a lil each other from playing daily this is the place for a discussion to take place.

I won’t appeal in a sense of going for something like ‘‘yo remove my notes’’ and i don’t want to give a vibe of ‘‘i just got banned because i got many notes admin bad reee’’ i acknowledge the punishments, and i only appealed once since it was a particular case which was regarding damaging a holo-parasyte this can be found Here for anyone that’s interested on how this ended up.

The rounds where all the notes/punishments are the following with a little bit of commentary from me, not to complain but just to make clarifications or give some of my own input., Bastian absolutely did his job as best as he could with the time giving between round end/delayed, other bwoinks and all the other issues that an admin have and the chats usually ended up in a good conclusion and a lesson for me to earn, the only one that got appealed was the Holo one so in no way i want to make anyone feel while reading this that i’m going against Bass or pointing him with an accusatory finger that all my misfortune is because of him, that’s a no. i just wanted to make that clear now upon the notes in question:

2019-10-27 04:59:13 (8436)

[spoiler] Banned from Roles: AI, Cyborg, pAI for 3 days - Crit 2 people as a borg on asimov. Appeal on

This was my first job-ban and the one where i was reminded of the strict following of asimov when playing any type of borg. This was when i begun playing the Peacekeeper if i recall correctly, before this i was mostly using the Sec borg that has more disabler tools therefore my chances back then of doing harm were less. [/spoiler]

2019-11-09 06:30:22 (8886)

[spoiler]Killed someone ai said was likely gang, with anti gang laws. L I K E L Y
103[06:05:00] Leader425/(E.N.GI) (AI Chamber (214, 143, 2))
“Hans Von Milky is also likely a gang”

My mistake, decided to trust the AI player and follow her intution into preventing human harm, i recall looting him and not seeing any gang-related items and i didn’t think back then about going and clonning, even then the damage was done. The AI got scolded and not me but i got noted to keep in mind what the AI says and to not play around ear-saying even from the AI.[/spoiler]

2019-11-17 00:13:22 (9161) (The holo-para incident that’s linked above)

[spoiler]Banned from Roles: AI, Cyborg, pAI for 1 week - Harmed 2 people. A normal human, and then a holo. Holo damage goes through human, thats human harm, yada yada yada. Has notes for this. Appeal on

Don’t mind the wording of this note, this was later edited on the web section of the ban by Bastian(Which i think could be find in the page 3 or 4 at the moment of writing this post) as per my request to make it more specific, but overall i had an idea of see if in a ‘‘RP-way’’ you could harm a Holo, and even after the incident i didn’t follow up to validhunt him, i proceed to save the people that was dying. I wanted to clarify that just to make clear that i’m not the player of ‘‘hehe HUMAN HARM and then robust everybody ez validhunter borg’’. anyway all details can be found on the post [/spoiler]

And as a extra this was the oldest note regarding Cyborg misbehaviour made not by bastian but by Grevious
2019-08-21 04:44:46 (No round provided because Bastian copied that for me)

[spoiler] As a borg slaved to a ling, told that ling that another ling was a ‘BAD LING’. This resulted in his master absorbing the other ling, assuming they were a ling with the absorbtion objective themselves. Told to watch what information they give people since they may act on it agressively.

This one was just misscomunication from my part, this doesn’t have to do with the topic in question, it was more of a lesson from Grevious to me regarding what i said, and i was enslaved to ony one ling so i just pointed a threat in the moment. [/spoiler]

Now finally onto this note in particular i can only say: Yeah i’m stupid. Knowing me, and all the conversation i’ve had with other admins and Bastian i literally brain-farted and confused the name of Tide Greyson with Grunt Tider and ended up killing a normal player instead of the Ling, this definetly deserved a note/bwoink/punishment.

However i would like Bastian if he could kindly consider a reduce on the job-ban if he feels like it corresponds, since he was the one that applied all the punishments and the one who i’ve talked most regarding this, while the notes might be against my odds, there is some time spread between the bans of at least one month (Not counting the note that i’ve got in the gang situation) which for some might not mean anything at least for me at least shows that i’ve constantly tried to improve my way of playing borgs and following laws around, which sometimes can be even messy because of a LRP and people trying to abuse the law 2 (hehe law 2 lemme into cap office), but it’s not like i’m being a shitter on purpose to round or grief or spam HUMAN HARM HUMAN HARM everywhere, i’ve talked with Bastian, admins and players in general regarding me being borg and how could i improve. I understand the point of view of Bastian and i hope this can be talked through i don’t expect a full lift or even something less than 12 days because i understand that there’s a precedent but, at the same time…I’m a human being as well… I believe Bastian that you should also consider this i can make mistakes, i can’t never play something to the 100% without any mistakes, i really try my best, even if it’s a LRP server, i’m not being a ‘‘shit-borg’’ just to give you excuses to make you go ‘‘Sigh here goes again Good Boy v3, breaking laws’’ What i did was a BIG error but it was not on purpose. It was an accident, i’m not a young kid that wants to have fun around ruining other people fun, or grief on purpose. most of the notes eventually are for me to get better at the game since i started this year so i hope you really consider this.

Now, i’m gonna put an appeal about two topics:

PAI Ban lift The two times i’ve got job-ban from Cyborg this was also accompanied to a ban to AI (logically) and PAI,(Which i guess it’s easier to click, i’ve seen admins though banning only players for only Cyborg and AI and lefting PAI open.) I can understand the reason of wanting to ban the three but in this case in particular i don’t think it applies. Because actually being able to play even something as a PAI can remind me to follow the basic directives that a PAI has and interact with everybody in a way of a law-bounded character can do and as well in the process play chill songs and do PAI’s stuff since they’re fun, and i don’t think i should be banned from playing them, in fact if i have them open and i decide to go be one it will be a good chance to practice to be in full shape once the ban of Cyborg gets lifted off me.

Server ban lift While i understand that, considering the amount of notes against me can lead to a ‘‘Yo, let’s make this guy chill a bit, 1 week ban’’ All bans (Three consisting of : 3 days, 6 days reduced to 3 because appeal, and this one) i never got really noted or bwoinked for something super bad or what should be considered here as ‘‘shitty behaviour’’ or ‘‘griefing’’ I’m a super active player in the timezone i play as other players/admins can vouch for that, over the 544 hours i have on bee and the 1212 connections, i would say 80% of them have been of me, roling a normal player and just going on about my round, whether i’m antag or not, and probably half of my time was me as a CMO, so yeah i would like Bastian to reconsider the week server ban, while of course i’m not dumb and i will reflect upon what lead to this regarding my behaviour as a Cyborg i don’t see a correlation or past that affect the way i play normally as a regular and active humanoid player, in fact recently i’ve been rotating departments to experience some other jobs and learn more experience

Quick acclaration about one old note:
minimeatwad on 2019-08-31 23:35:52 (6662) [note]
Banned from the server permanently - No intent to play. Threw incendiary grenade on emergency shuttle, killing people, all while being talked to.
This was lifted on the same day. They were three admins at that moment and i believe Zesko? or someone talked with Minimeatwad(It was the first time he saw me in game and in the timezone he plays so he thought i was just a random griefer) And i explained the situation, It ended up being a note of a ‘‘don’t super go on valid-hunt without visual confirmation’’ It was a weird moment and i won’t go into details to not make this more long than already it is, but it got lifted the same day. If i’m asked about it i can fully tell the situation since i recall it perfectly.

This should be all that i have to say about this, thank you for reading such a long post that i dedicated to format and make.

Edit: Well i tried to make it better by putting spoilers in the ‘‘not that so relevant parts’’ but apparently you can only use one spoiler? which is only working in the final one, sad.

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I think I can lower this to a 5 day server ban and a 3 week borg ban. Sound fair?

Thank you for your consideration Bastian and for reading through my post, hopefully you can have a more insight on the type of player i am and i’ll try my best to make sure this is the last incident regarding this issue

Since there has been two days since the appeal was posted and you said you lower the normal Ban to 5 days, when would i be able to play? And many thanks for reducing the borg ban.

5 days from the original ban. So if 2 days passed when I lowered it, you have 3 days left