Following SoP correctly shouldnt be a server rule

Things like getting demoted or fired from your job are supposed to be part of the experience, these things cant really ever happen if doing your job wrong gets you in admin trouble. It also makes the lawyers job Obsolete, he’s supposed to protect inmates whos rights were violated in someway, but if sec officers get bwoinked for even minor SoP breaches then the lawyer just has to sit on their hands and wait for someone to get perma’d which doesnt even happen in most rounds


After rereading the post and the other thread made by this person I no longer stand by what I said

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It really should be hard enforced on people playing heads since they should be expected to know better and are held to a higher standard, but yeah for everyone else it should be left to be handled IC by command in round.


Before this becomes a bigger echo chamber that would misinform players.

Nobody is making any suggestions here. This is exactly how rules are already.

This post and its responses don’t interpret the rules correctly. The only place where SOP is relevant in the rules is in Rule 12, which is head of staff conduct. Heads are expected to enforce SOP, which ingame translates to “Take SOP into account when making decisions, you can’t discard SOP for no reasons”.
The only department subject to such rule outside of command is security.

The “Do your job” rule is more meant to prevent self-antag than enforcing SOP through the rules really.


Well tbh ive only had that happen to me ONCE in security.

Every round you see Chemists making meth, Botanists making drugs and per SoP they cant.

The “minor” SoP breach of trying to perma someone for a crime that they hadn’t committed and getting them to wait for almost half an hour is basically just Removing someone from the round for half an hour.
You can’t expect this person to then WAIT for a Lawyer to be on their case and secure their release by next month.
If you want to violate the rights of inmates every round you get the very ICly temporary demotion from sec roles for some amount of time.

By not telling someone why you’re arresting them you’re basically arresting them with no RP.
If you get in trouble for that it’s not for not following SoP, it’s for not roleplaying.

It would be the same if you were an antag and killed someone wordlessly.

I said before that I agreed with this because SoP is broken regularly, I like it, and like I said, I haven’t had problems with this.

Every time a botanist grows weed, a Chemist makes meth, a Clown gets promoted to HoP. HoP forgets to log out. SoP is being broken.

But those MINOR breaks don’t remove someone of the opportunity to roleplay. As sec has the capacity of doing if they are played by BAD SPIRITED players.

The type that would permabrig a man for a crime that hadn’t happened yet. As if perma is some sort of endgoal and not one of the worse way to go about things ever. Because most times prisoners are sent there and forgotten, and that is not RP.


What does OP mean, the only SOP that people actually care about is security SOP and even then only the important bits. You ever see botanists not grow dangerous plants? Ever see the clown actually suffer no consequences from minor pranks even though SOP says they should? Ever see exploration crew not hoard the contraband they gather from missions?

I think not following SOP is fine and should be allowed as long as you are ready to follow the IC consequences, but no heads are willing to step up and correct the behavior so people just end up ignoring it.


It isn’t, I’ve done SoP violations a bunch of time and turned into an IC issue/roleplay a lot of times, admins don’t care as long as you don’t do it to be a shitter/play the game with 0 rp - as long as you make it interesting
Only times it matters is with sec because their job involves punishing other player’s rounds, so them being overzealous is an actual problem


Rules 1.3 Follow Space Law and SOP

just because the admins punish it inconsistently doesnt mean its not a rule on the books

It’s not, and hasn’t been for a long, long time. “You must roleplay” actively supercedes it anyway

(Quote from @Tamus )

Some admin saying something on the forums isnt the rules, if its not enforced it should be removed from the rules section of the wiki

  • Good roleplay (emphasis on good) can be used to justify violating SOP or Space Law to an extent, but may still have IC consequences.

How convenient of you to ignore this.


why are you reviving this thread solely to bait the fuck out of everyone lmao


I’ve tried demonting people for SoP violations and disobaying orders or whatnot but they then start crying like little babies and usually run off, still not demoted. Every time I get the sense that they’ll start metagrudging me.

I wish non-antags would get demoted at times and be given a new job, change the flow of the round a tad. But everyone I’ve ever tried to demote has failed.

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I believe these things CAN be fine if they are quickly resorted in-character. I’ve had a whole squad of Security Officers literally accepting being paid off and revolting against Command. Did they get any sort of warning? No, the situation was resolved in-character which I honestly think is BS. But hey, you can use this. If Captain or HoS notice this SOP violation they can possibly start a court case against you and have you demoted or whatnot. Avoiding a note or whatnot and honestly, if done in court it would be a tad more interesting than my bootleg reverse revolution I was unfortunate to experience.

Haliris explained this nicely in this thread already. (A couple posts above)

Not sure why you necromancy-post this right now apart from baiting people for no reason.