Flamingdoritos5, banned by the admin lagomorphica

CKEY: flamingdoritos5

Admin’s CKEY: lagomorphica

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both.

Which server did the ban happen on? Unknown, never joined a Beestation server before and is only aware of the ban as of now.

Ban Type: Permaban

Ban Length: 9999-01-01 12:00

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 03-31-2020 21:20

Round ID: 14074

Ban Reason: “cross server ban”

Appeal Reason: I have never joined a Beestation server before and when I do I see that I am banned with a vague reason.

Additional Information: I think I have been permabanned because of drama that had happen on another ss13 server of the name of “Desert Rose 2”. I am going to the conclusion that it was the case since I have been banned on Beestation at the same time period where a large number of people where also perma banned on the Desert Rose 2 server because of drama in the community between their staffs and the players.

If it isn’t because of drama or stuff that happen of a different ss13 server, I would like to know the actual reason.

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You are correct in that it is a mirrored ban from Desert Rose 2.

We have gotten confirmed reports from their administrative team in regards to misconduct by you and a group of players.

After getting these reports we felt it appropriate to mirror the ban.

I would like to know what kind of specific “misconduct” me and the certain group of player have done. Because they are also very vague on that subject.

Because all I have personally done was disagreeing with some of the changes they are doing on their servers (without being aggresive about it or rude of course) and being on a certain discord server which they seem to dislike.

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Based off evidence provided by their administrative team, I am choosing to close and deny this ban appeal.