Expanded lavaland, Because Explo is suposedly being removed at some point

So from what I understand, there is could be a removal of Explo, meaning the addition of alot of server side resources and the disuse of the functions of space ruin generation and deletion and what is also pretty well the whole department station side.

For the purposes of A: providing more Materials to mine and area to explore B: re-using some old aspects of Exploration and C: offering more to do on lava land for more various roles than just mining.

I propose the following additions for the purposes of expanding Lavaland, after the implementation of Ruko’s mining rework.

Z-levels traversable by foot

Lavaland is big, very big, making it bigger would rock though, especially if we can devise more things to actually put down there.

But for the purposes of putting more space between Mining base and any new ruins and thus not compromising all the rock breaking Miners do, as far as the job title goes, adding adjacent Z-levels that you could just walk or boat into, with more space to put rocks, ruins and minerals.

adding additional Z-levels, be it 2 with North and East, an additional 3rd north-eastern section or just one for each cardinal direction, even just 2 adds TONS of space, expanding ruins and having more of them would thus be feesable

Re-using the out-post generation code

Throwing out the old outpost generation code sounds like a big waste to me, even though every explo main has Fully explored every possible combination of those outposts, not everyone server side is an explo main, some people have never touched that aspect of Bee’s gameplay nor is everyone willing to given the potential horrible, low-chance of recovery and dead waste of a round that Explo can easily turn out to be.

But using that code to instead create Large Lavaland ruins is perhaps a marvelous opportunity to impliment large scale salvage operations by engineering and assistants akin to ship breaking.

Also keeping the various discoverable technology options available from explo down there doesn’t sound terrible either, meaning Scientists can instead be deployed along side engineers, miners and assistants who are taking apart or refitting those ruined bases/crashed stations.

Lavaland, an industrial frontier

One aspect of Ruko’s mining rework is the emphasis on re-connecting the Station and Mining via the disused gateway, this is fantastic because the Gateway is an instant teleport between the station and Lavaland.

However, leaning into the full on stargate reference that the gateway is, various Gateways could be placed in the additional Lavaland Z-Levels to be found and synchronized to the station’s gateway network.
These Gateways could be placed either inside of the Repurposed outpost structures or on their own on necropolis tile style areas in proximity to said structures.

Aforementioned deployments of Engie or Sci’s genneral personel rather than specialized detachments would be reasonable and various structures such as additional research servers, backup T-coms, in-active reactors with power relays, pimped out but damaged service sections.

If it’s on station then by all means in the context of a more station and crew connected lava land, more options can be added.

Additionally re-activating an abandoned NT base on lava land could be made a crew objective.

Bonus, Golden age Wreckage and the lost things within

Science and Engineering both generally stay out of each other’s way, but thinking about the expanded functions of ruins brings up the possibility of having uses for Science and Engineering co-operating when in Lavaland ruins to restore something like an advanced anti-matter reactor or Tesla engine, salvage a multi-cannon BSA or maintain containment on some kind of ancient creature or weapon from the interim ages of 2150 through 2425.

Lofty ideas for eccentric masochist coders.


huh? why removing explo???


It’s got alot to do with the facts that:
Explorers can get even MORE powergamey than even Mining.
Explorers rarely do anything station side, even less so than miners.
Explorer rescue objectives leave the station with an extra guy who doesn’t fit neatly into the crew or just a coma-body.
Explorer kill objectives rarely go as intended with SEC involvement.
Explorer outposts are both resource intensive server side and for Explo mains know everything about them so they are un-fun apparently.
As far as I know the major coders and mappers don’t particularly like accommodating Exploration

I’ve also seen its removal being talked about lately again.

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Here’s the Discussion thread in github about exploration Removal, i pretty much voiced my opinion on why it won’t be effective to rely to miners to do what explorers did at least not without a proper rework to a bunch of stuff


NGL I just think more crew and such should be messing about lavaland, expanding it as detailed could reduce the number of outposts that need to be generated on the spot.

Still I won’t say much about how mining and sci should interact beyond how they already do until Ruko’s rework comes out eventually.

What I will say however is that the expansion of lavaland with the final option of lost technology to restore in facilites would add further depth between mining and sci than “hey I’ll research this” and “I’ll get you mats and points” and “you’d better have that satchel researched or I’ll put this scanner so far up your ass they’ll figure out bluespace entirely getting it out of you”

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As much as I love exploration, I can understand the argument of why removing it can be both good and bad.

So, in the case that it ever does get removed.

How about more artifact-ish based stuff like maybe dungeons or outposts or even more stuff added to lavaland will be nice.
I’d love to see an artifact based dungeon crawl instead of just a boss.

i think a cool idea would be a big sea of lava as part of an expanded lavaland that could be explored with those lavaland boats

My thoughts on this are a bit odd.

Keep lavaland as is. But add the station portal to connect to randomised z-levels that can be explored. This is more about thinking of a way to update the Gateway and it’s use more than anything else though.

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I dont like the idea of removing one of the few unique big things this server has


it is still terrible to remove another feature from Bee. I already said the server is being blander than stale bread. Instead of removing try improving.

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I’d agree, but even the maker and maintainer of exploration is in a bad mood about Explo, I can’t see explo being removed forever but if it is removed temporarily for an overhual, this sort of thing would make for a good stop-gap