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Share your ideas for events of all sizes.

you could have an event where loads of monkeys spawn on the station and the crew have to fight them of like what happened that one time on the mrp server and we had to fight of scores of monkeys to prevent them from overwhelming the station. it was really fun

A Halloween special event where several horror movie characters such as Jason Voorhes, Micheal Myers, Leatherface etc, spawn on the station and the crew have to fight them off. All of the have custom objectives given by admemes, the type of objectives given is on the admemes decision. All or most of the characters have their own powers. For example, Jason has fast regen, Leatherface has more health etc.

All crew are prepped for exploring Lavaland. Their main objective: Colonization.

Build a mini-station on Lavaland, and keep everyone intact, trying to take out the megafauna that live in the area. Supplies could be adminbus’d in or cargo has to keep buying more supplies, by selling the materials the crew is bringing in.

monkey ops where their goal is to kill all botanists. Where the monkeys also have guns and eswords

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Bruh just flash em once

I really like Meteor rounds.

The admins set the meteor storm to the deadliest there is, and it will last for a while.
The premise of it is that everyone grab their department’s lathes and boards and take the RND servers and head on down to lavaland. Atmos has to setup a whole atmospheric system, engineers build the building which is the new station, cargo gets cucked, the chef scrambles to find food, and miners… mine.

Everyone else who doesn’t really have a job may be bored, but they usually have fun digging sand and running around mining for more station space.

10/10 co-operative event and should be a rare medium-pop round type on MRP.


That sounds fun, but would require a more experienced playerbase. I’ll consider this for MRP.

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Noted. I’ll look into making this a reality.

So… Monkey rounds?

Monkey ops.

won’t the monkeys die to space?

they can use the drop pod or just be brave and spacewalk like a champ

won’t the crew just win instantly beacuse monkeys are so weak?

just add more monkeys

No I mean an even that spawns dozens of monkeys in groups around the station that are hostile to the players and then you have to fight them of a little like the event where syndicate commandos plort onto the station but instead of a commando it’s like 4 monkey’s

new antag: vampires with objective to suck

Don’t forget to add at least one gorilla to each group of monkeys

disgostang erp!!!

Another idea would probably be a modified version of Nations. The gamemode would play out as normal, but all departments have certain things they cannot do, to somewhat balance some things that could ruin a round quite quickly. (e.g. science mAXCAP) Likewise, departments will get slight buffs to their starting equipment, to give people like botanists some unstable mutagen, so they don’t have to risk losing one of their teammates by attempting to steal a chem dispenser board, or the chem dispenser itself.

All departments would be able to negotiate, and there will be an initial peace period for a time during roundstart, so said negotiations can occur without damages. During this timeframe, certain areas will be locked down to prevent major advantages to a nation, such as the vault.

For MRP, I think this would work, if the server had a decent population.
If this was to go to LRP, it might work to a lesser degree. I wouldn’t be able to say for sure, though.

carp ops would be pretty cool

carp ops would be pretty cool

the only acceptable varriation of nations is capture the flag.

Here’s a dumb midround antag:

Syndicate Goose

A goose spawns on the station with a list of objectives based around annoyance more than direct harm (Steal clown shoes, make the captain slip on soap, ect). They can hold one item in their beak and speak exclusively in honks.

That’s it.


Syndigoose would be fun.