[Elchorico] Unfunny Lowpop murderbone report

In-game report:

CKEY: CoIoneISanders

Your Discord: Colonel Sanders#3126

Offender’s CKEY: Elchorico

Offender’s In-Game Name: Eats-The-Body

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12-29-2021

Round Number:35022

Rules Broken: 1.2, 13.4

Incident Description: As Quartermaster, ended up getting searched, in response, shot up the Deputy who was doing it. Proceeded to kill the HoS and the CE wordlessly, then killed everyone in the surrounding area. Chased down a bunch of staff and proceeded to kill them, looted security, and earlier in the round killed a detective, again, wordlessly. There was no roleplay, it was a lowpop murderbone. Also emagged the shuttle and attempted a hijack without the objective, after most of the players were left dead.

Additional Information: This is an ided report. - original eats player didnt want to traitor on fland so he was offered up. Person taking over was a ghost

So Eats-The-Body was me at roundstart, however I didn’t want to play fland because it’s a terrible piece of shit map for cargo (seriously, no round start ORM? broken disposals? It’s awful, and it regularly ends up being the map for multiple rounds in a row overnight) and asked an admin to give my body to a ghost as I rolled traitor. I ended up watching the QM the entire round. He had a kill target for the CE and theft of the captains jetpack. I think he just had shuttle escape but I’m not sure.

He played it cool for almost the entire round, had an RP bit with the explorers about wanting to bring back a xeno, talked to the CE/acting captain a bit about it (but never had an opportunity to get him alone), and ended up at medbay for awhile with blindness (i think the clown sprayed him with something, i was on the can. He had a bit with the clown at cargo desk as well). Basically did his job.

Once he could mostly get cargo alone, he bought an ar crate, 2 crates of ammo, an armor crate, an emag, and stimulants that I saw. IMO pretty standard stuff for a QM traitor. 2 other traitors had gotten caught at this point I believe so I would hazard a guess that security and command were “on edge”.

The fights started when he ran into some deputy who had an esword from a traitor caught earlier in the round, the CE (his target, acting captain) and like 2 others by disposals fighting Kudzu/space vines. He called out the deputy for the esword (traitor items are not toys for security is my understanding) and the deputy was a wise ass and demanded a bag search (seconds after the deputy claimed he was using the esword in an “emergency” aka like 8 vine squares). QM had a bag with an AR and several mags so I don’t really know what he could have done at that point besides go loud, he was made.

To this point the only person he had killed was a lizard in maints (detective?). He’d spent a large chunk of the round trying to pin down the CE (at cargo, in the halls, in the science server room, at engineering), but the CE was running around dealing with 2 other traitors and swarmers.

After this a pararmedic showed up to try and rescue people. QM gave the paramedic a chance to run “dont try it”. Paramedic didn’t listen so he plugged the guy (he gave more warning to the paramedic than I’ve ever gotten playing the role around traitors). A chemist or medical doctor (not sure which) showed up and some explosives were thrown at him, same thing. There were like 3 fights after that, but as far as I could see all in self defense.

He gave multiple civilians (who aren’t supposed to fight traitors) ample opportunity to run, they all fucked around and found out. He didn’t “chase anyone down”, he was trying to search the CE’s body for the item he needed, but people kept attacking him.

As soon as the chain of events stemming from the bag search had a pause he stopped murderboning (ran into multiple people in the halls and did nothing to them, even let a guy out of where he was stuck between brig doors from a swarmer teleport).

He did eventually team up with another traitor and they went for a shuttle reroute, which wasn’t an objective for either that I saw. That part in my opinion was shitty since you end up with a 10 second shuttle countdown. Everything before that though stemmed from the deputy’s bag search.

Dead chat was INCREDIBLY salty about the affair, but I watched his entire round from start to finish and I thought it was fine (outside the shuttle hijinks).


Hello, player in question here.

Lets start with what I was doing the entire round. After I got a rifle from cargo, and the ammo for it, I was trying to pin down the Captain, as already mentioned above. I followed them for a good chunk of time - I wanted to have them alone, preferably in maint, so I can silently get them out of the way.

Frankly, that was not the case. The CE, Acting Captain, the entire round, was constantly solving threats, which meant that he also spent most of his time with security. From my observation, a lot of this time was with the detective. So I tailed the detective, and got the detective out of the way. I hid his body in a random maint locker, after putting the bullets into a second locker, right next to it, and cleaning the blood. Later, I moved the locker with the dead body close to a pod.

I got back to trying to search the Captain. Eventually, I walked in on a Deputy, with a e-sword that was not authorized for use by anyone, I should note, the HoS, and the Captain. I noted that the Deputy should not be using the e-sword, considering its not really a station ending emergency. The Deputy proceeded, with a massive amount of sass, demand a bag search. Standing next to someone with a e-sword, the HoS, and the Captain, I decided to gun them down. I had a good amount of contraband on me, so running away would result in a shoot-out too, and complying with the search would result with me in cuffs.

I killed the Deputy, the Captain, and the HoS. I wanted to hide their bodies, yes, but paramedics and doctors came running. I told them to go away. I told them to leave, without shooting at them. They decided to try and go for the bodies, and one doctor tried to attack me. I shot them dead, they had their chance to get away alive, they decided to go after the cracked-up lizard with a rifle.

After that entire encounter, I tried to find the Captains jetpack, my second objective. Checked Caps office, not there, checked CE, not on him, went to security, not there, so I gave up, as it was probably left in some random locker and I had 2 minutes to shuttle.

I should not have done that, yes, but I was already planning on e-magging the shuttle due to the fact that a lot of people know who I am, and I was proven right as I got my ass kicked in the shuttle, and only got saved by the traitor explorer who I teamed up with later.

Aside from the shuttle hijack, which was shitty on my part, I did everything with a reason, and the civilians who got killed had it coming due to the fact that they didnt leave after I ordered them to do so.

I admit that I have lost my cool, and some parts could have been done a bit more peacefully, but I do not believe, that aside from the shuttle, I was in the wrong in my actions.


My understanding from dead chat is that the jetpack was in the captains hardsuit locker, however he had a bit with some assistant with a fireaxe who broke into caps office (who had the actual hardsuit) and I suspect was riding high on irl adrenaline. Probably just didn’t see it and thought that guy took it.

He didn’t merc the guy in the caps office, which IMO he could have without consequence. Even had a little bit there with Ian that made me laugh.

He did ham it up once or twice for I’m guessing the ghosts he must have assumed were watching him, but never around other players. Mostly after he realized he was still missing the captains jetpack and didn’t find it in the office (there was a mad dash to where the bodies were and to armory looking for it).

And yes, I didn’t put it in my original wall of text, but the Deputy came off INCREDIBLY “temp shitcurity who thinks he’s untouchable.” And got plugged in the face for it. I was cheering.

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SO after some further info the only thing really done wrong is hijacking the shuttle and murdering those who tried to stop it.

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Hijacking the shuttle was wrong, yes. I didnt initiate any combat in the shuttle, though. The people on the shuttle went after me by themselves, I only shot the doctor after he stunprodded me.

I even let the engineer, who didnt attack us, live. I only really shot the people who were fighting me in the shuttle.

Yeah he basically went straight to bridge, and then there was a fight with someone. I didn’t see who initiated. He went out of his way NOT to kill the other engineer that was on the bridge and had a whole conversation with them.

The explorer traitor I believe was popping off with lasers out in the main cabin, but I wasn’t watching that guy closely.

Made the report due to the lack of RP done while slaughtering nearly the entire station, and the detective claiming they made no attempts at RP when they assassinated them. Hijacking the shuttle without proper objectives then using the case of “they attacked me first” is not valid.

I saw plenty of RP in that round for a low-pop middle of the night Fland round. Hell it’s hard to even FIND people on Fland on lowpop, the layout is awful if you don’t want to hugbox outside medbay.

Yeah they’re not as LOUD YELLING INTO COMMS WITH THE BULLHORN as I usually play the character as QM but to say they didn’t do any RP is disingenuous.

I’m under the impression that traitors are allowed to dispose of security quietly given the opportunity. If the guy in maints was detective, then I believe that would qualify (but that’s an admin call).

I would not expect anyone to roleplay in the situation in disposals. I could see, when the deputy asked for his bag, the wheels turning in his head “what do i do” in the 5-10 seconds he paused before going loud. His target’s there, most of the security crew is there, if you run they’ll chase you down. No choice but to go loud. It’s a gun fight in awful ss13 combat mechanics, I’m not going to stop to emote.

There was way more conversation in the aftermath of that than I’ve ever seen a traitor give me. There was also conversation in the lead up to that situation, he could have just jumped them while they were fighting Kudzu/vines.

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Hi All. I was playing Indigo Jackson the chemist this round and had a few interactions with Elchorico. I can’t speak for any of the other stuff but I will go over my experience with them to give a fuller picture.

I was checking the health sensors when I noticed that CE, HoS and a another sec staff were all red and in disposals. I let med know and then a doctor (Vermilion Blaine) and I went to see if we could do anything. When we finally found disposals (it was Fland so we got lost a few times) Vermilion went on ahead and when I arrived I heard some fighting in the darkness ahead and I saw a breach in the floor and Eats(I know they aren’t actually Eats but will refer to them as this from now on) loading the sec/command bodies into a crate. When I approached a few shots were fired and I backed off and he left. I then patched myself up and went in pursuit. I caught up with him and attempted to wrestle the crate from him but I brought nothing to a gun fight and promptly got blasted. He left me in crit and I got up a while later after the chems in me patched me up. He made no attempt to hide my body.

After this I checked sensors again saw Vermilion was dead in maints and went to rescue her. Body was out in the open and no attempt to hide her. I got back to medbay and left her with a doctor to get patched up. Swarmers were everywhere at this point so I welded some vents and grabbed a spear that was left in med to go fight them. Found brig all busted open with swarmer sounds coming from inside so I went to fight them with a cargo tech. After killing and chasing away the swarmers there I saw Eats and an explorer walk out of the armoury. They saw me and did not engage and just walk past. I tailed them up to departures and they still did not engage.

As they were heading to the shuttle just as it was about to leave I warned the crew that there may be a hijack so they had a chance to get to the shuttle. I decided to engage them on the shuttle with a spear. Vermilion also joined this fight with TK and a saw. I critted Eats but got blasted by the explorer who revived Eats. There was also an engineer who didn’t know what was going on that they spared and gave warnings to back off to.

I cannot speak for how he handled CE/Sec and the other stuff but in my experience but they only used force when either I engaged with them or when I tried to interfere directly with their plans. Efforts were made to warn off potential threats and he left those non-sec crew he killed (At least Vermilion and I) in findable locations and on sensors.

Deadchat was screaming murderbone, but that to me are rounds where the antags wordlessly gun literally everyone down in the halls OR try to needlessly extend the round (I hate that shit, especially extending the round). Neither traitor did that in this situation.

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I will say that the only error on my part was deciding to hijack the shuttle.

CE, the Acting Captain, was my target. Detective, was security. Deputy and HoS were also security. I was asked to be searched. I have no idea what else I could have done except just start blasting. As stated, I did not make any attempt to round-remove the doctors, despite the fact that they ignored my demands and went after me. The only people who got hidden were Detective, HoS, Deputy and the CE - my target.

This was not murderbone. Murderbone would be if I made excessive attempts to murder everyone I come across.

Murderbone would be if I made excessive attempts to murder everyone I come across.

Murderbone is not defined as killing everyone, rather killing uninvolved parties- (whom are not a threat, killing sec is not murderbone) just for the sake of killing.

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Murdering while not having hijack is restricted, but hijack itself isn’t, so I dont see anything that they did wrong, you can’t just lay down and die when people are attacking you, nor you can do “RP” while they are reaching for their freshly baked grenades.

It was lowpop, they had already killed everyone. there was about 3 people (from what I saw, I realize now that i forgot) on the shuttle, not including the tots.

I did not kill anyone un-involved. Detective, HoS, Deputy, and CE - my target - are allowed to be killed.
Medical staff got warnings to back off, they did not, involving themselves in the encounter.
On Hijack, I was attacked first, they chose to involve themselves.

I did not murderbone.

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I don’t see how that refutes what I said, Hijack is for style points not for any other reason other than objective.

You said things about doing RP while being attacked. Only one person attacked during the hijack, and they got shut down relatively quickly. The RP on the shuttle was just the traitors whispering objective completions to each other while they hijacked.

As if it wasn’t clear already, i was referring to him killing civillians and random crew.

The doctors, who attacked me earlier in maint, and tried to recover the bodies despite my warnings, were told to back off, verbally.
Considering the fact that the Doctor rushed in and instantly stunprodded me (In the shuttle), there was really no way for me to tell the doctor to back off. They were coming at me with the full intent to kill me, and would have suceeded was it not for my partner.

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