Edward Irish feedback

The infamous Edward Irish, widely known for beer nuking the station as a war op. I’m thinking about becoming a mentor but I’m also not a masochist, thoughts?


I think you’d fit well in the mentor team. As long as you can answer Engineering and Xenobio questions, you’ll be fine.

bet he cant… the NERD

Oozlings be like:

Owch ow water


snooping this low are we
terrible person keeps stealing my booze
lost the pranking competition THE NERD

become a mentor already

SS13 players be like:

Owch ow water


It’s always an adventure with Edward, just watch your wallet, shoes and his funky nades.

is irish -1
is based +2

Funny flamingo man

20 characters heck

Based lad :+1:

-2 sage player
+3 based for beer nuking on sage


based man and a great friend.
always fun when you come around


mentors aren’t really different from normal players except for like, you answer questions. just apply. it’s super easy and you barely have any more responsibility.

Ed if you become a mentor i will vouch for you.

I am Emily Sailor/Paradox.

Cry about it


IC: Makes an effort to be nice to Xixia despite Xixia making it very clear that she only tolerates him at best.

OOC: nice to have around, haven’t had a negative experience with you that really stuck.

The only person I actually observe as a ghost.

Yeah I remember that heretic round where you would dress up as a heretic - as a non antag…

I shot you one time and you came back to life all climactically on the shuttle and tried to kill me and that was really cool

i will only say cool guy also BEANS

Usually asks for access.

And proceeds to assassinate me with said access.

Entering maints with him is a 50/50. Enjoy the outcome 100% though