Edward Irish feedback


cool guy fun captain, not a dull moment when interactin with the man.

the funny irish man
what more is there to say

Every time mine and Edward’s spessman share a screen I have mad respect for him. I think because we’re both from tg (are you now Irish? :wink: )
Always feisty, stern yet funny, and always quick on ideas and on his feet when shit goes downhill.

P.S: I remember the beer nuke round distinctly, because who do you think was the one to place it next to hydro? :wink:

I remember once you made meth and heated it with a match while a malf AI locked down, depowered, and N2O flooded chem
good round. 10/10 weird chem man.

Every single time I get to partner up with Edward as antag is always fucking amazing, even if we lose like shitheads ten seconds afterwards - dude’s robust & fun to kill seccies with, while offering a bunch of cool gimmicks to do too.

As an antag, you’re amazing eddie boy.

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pink hair man based
edward nyarish

needs a more irish outfit.

One of the few respectable people. Its always good to have em around

pink haired Irish catboy

A Lad that I sometimes rope into stuff or they rope me into stuff…

Very fun head rev!

20 char slidy red bar