Eats-the-Rats Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Xeapor

Offender’s CKEY: Don’t know

Offender’s In-Game Name: Eats-the-Rats

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03/22/2022

Round Number: 36860

Rules Broken: 12

Incident Description: I was a traitor clown. Eats the Rats was acting captain. One of my objectives was steal a reflector vest, so I asked if I could have it. Instead he just gave me AA, which I used to terrorise the station.

Additional Information: Randomly handing out AA is not very good, especially if its a clown traitor.


bruh literal banbaiting, would you have reported him too if he handed you over the reflector vest ? this is such a minor offence that no one noticed and which you sparked

Considering I caused a bit of damage, this is very untrue. Actually, I am fairly sure I wasn’t the only one given AA.

Also, its not banbaiting, I was an antag, of course I wasn’t gonna deny AA. In fact, it would be baiting if I had asked him for it, which I had not. He just told me I could have it without me even mentioning it.

Of course not, there is a difference between handing me an item, and giving me access to everywhere and every item on the station.

Either way, its against the rules for a head to walk up to someone, say “AA?” and then give said person AA.

Seriously its like you didn’t even read my report

While I do agree that this is worthy of a report, I’ll also ask you to not do that again, ever.

Asking someone to just straight up give you the station’s valuables is an extremely shit move. You are knowingly inciting them to do something they can get banned/noted for.

Just because our antags and rules (regarding this kind of stuff) are ass doesn’t mean you should abuse it openly.



A clown, a known traitor at that point, jokingly asking for a reflector vest…

At that point I just wanted to get a reaction outta captain. I was a known traitor, so I jokingly asked him. Instead he gives me AA.

How on Earth is that my fault?

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so :
-you incite them to break the rules as an antagonist
-once they do so, you freely worsen their rule break (Considering I caused a bit of damage,)
-you then proceed to go to report him when the round ends because “they broke the rule and i ended up causing a lot of damage so that damage is their fault”
-when told this is banbaiting, you answer “it was a joke bro not my fault”

This entire thing lacks so so much context too, with no info as to what was going on or if the captain actually knew you were an antagonist in the first place or what might have driven him to do so

I’m sorry, but if i’m acting cap and someone i don’t know walks up to me and asks me armor while the station is in ruins and everyone’s nearly dead, especially if i’m busy, i’m giving them aa and telling them to fuck off.

Even with a “everything is calm” context, acting cap broke the rules, yes, but you also incited him to do so and worsened his fault before proceeding to report him yourself. That’s banbaiting.

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Where did I incite them? I never asked them for AA

I was an antag bruh, what else was I gunna do

Heads have rules you know, any decent head would not give out AA, especially to a clown

Where did I say that?

Ah ok this was my fault, I should have said station was perfectly fine.

I don’t understand this. I didn’t ask him for AA, he gave it to me freely, it was his decision as a head. I never enticed him, nor threatened him for it.

As an example, lets say I am captain.

“I give out AA to everyone, but its not my fault station got destroyed because they caused the damage!”

See, it doesn’t make sense.

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I don’t get these people bruh, any competent captain would have said fuck off or something. it’s not your fault he gave you aa, its not “banbaiting”


A clown, a known traitor at that point, jokingly asking for a reflector vest…

Don’t. Not even jokingly. Please.

At that point I just wanted to get a reaction outta captain. I was a known traitor, so I jokingly asked him. Instead he gives me AA.

Like I said, it’s still fully worthy of a report. Specifically because of the AA. I will repeat that I do not condone your actions, but this guy genuinely fucked up too, so I understand why you made it, and he should still get at least a note.

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I’m with you on this one, you never asked for AA but he just handed it to you for seemingly no reason.

As well, you mentioned that you were a known traitor. Captain should have known better, especially when you asked for a pretty well established traitor objective. I wouldn’t recommend a ban if this player doesn’t have any notes or warnings for this kind of thing, though. Maybe a warning would suffice for a teaching moment?


I don’t understand this, why not ask captain to jokingly give you the item you need to complete objectives, knowing full well any competent captain wouldn’t?


Because it’s bait. If they don’t understand the joke, they get punished. If they decide to have fun with you, they get punished. If they decide to indulge you for any reason, they get punished.

In-character it may be a joke.

On a meta level, you’re just testing them. The only answer they can ever give without getting punished is no. This makes the attempt futile as it relies on them to break the rules.

There’s another word for testing in this context. Baiting.

Important Note: He still genuinely fucked up by giving AA for no reason.


But any competent head wouldn’t do that in the first place.

If they seriously consider it, they shouldn’t be head.


ya it’s not bait though


Oh yeah a ban doesn’t need to happen, as long as the player knew it wasn’t the right thing to do


But any competent head wouldn’t do that in the first place.
If they seriously consider it, they shouldn’t be head.

The question here is why you would even make that joke knowing that one of the outcomes gets the person fucked. Do you think it’s fun to get people punished? Do you think it’s your job to remind them of the rules in a fucked up way?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should be punished. I fully agree that this person fucked up. I’m just also disgusted by the “joke” since it’s a perfect cover for you IC, especially as clown, while being equally damaging for the other party.

Brb asking cap to give me his jetpack.
As a joke.
I’ll play clown so it’s fine :)))))


Fair enough, I guess I just didn’t expect it, haha

That definitely wasn’t my intention. Hell, if they gave me the vest I wouldn’t even report them for that. It’s the fact they gave me AA.

Also just for the record, I never intended to bait him so I could make a report.

I just decided to make this report because I think he overdid it with the AA.


This isnt ban baiting, explodes is genuinely peanut posting right now with pointless blamings.

Captain violated SOP and probably self-antag rules considering what Xeapor said, this could be counted as “assisting a known antagonist”