Discord warn and mute and ban appeal for michiru

Discord ID: michiru2

Admin Discord ID: beebot

Ban Type: discord

Ban Length: I assume permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/5/2020

Ban Reason:

Appeal Reason:
I’m not sure why you have a black and white zero-tolerance policy on these things and then also an appeal system. One of my warns was a “filter bypass” for posting a youtube clip of the show Boondocks. I have a warning for “ick ock” that was applied wrongly because for some reason bosnia thought the round was still going. I have warnings for “filter bypass” because I accidentally said a blacklisted word. I’m not trying to bypass filters.

I’m not sure what I got banned for, but if it’s for quoting dragon ball z… I don’t know what to say.

Additional Information:
I know everyone hates me and you guys have absolutely no reason to care whatsoever but it really would be cool if I could at least view the messages on the server and use beebot commands to check server status.

This doesn’t feel fair or right.

I don’t know what to say.

This is after gaining the MUTED role for other warns and such relating to similar things.

This was meant to be a timed ban, not a perma. As a final warning.

I’m still not used to beebot commands so I messed that up but it will be fixed.

I said “vagina” and “cum” without context. Someone in the chat said “my balls itch,” fucking ban him too.

Then I was quoting dragon ball z. I posted the video.

I am not trying to erp with people by quoting fucking dragon ball z and I’m not trying to sexually assault people by saying “cum” without context.

Please. Consider intent and not just content. I know you don’t have to. I know you can just ban me and move on. But just from one human to another, please?

I mean idk, it’s obviously a meme and not meant to offend anyone. I don’t even think the ban was warranted, but that’s just my opinion though.

This was meant to be a timed ban, not a perma. As a final warning.

My bad here, was just informed that this was meant to be perma as you where already on thin ice.

He was only banned due to already being muted.
Can’t really double mute them.

I would like to argue I shouldn’t have been muted in the first place and was patiently waiting for my chance to appeal that mute


Why’s that?

I’m glad we ban for jokes now.

Because intent > content. You want my real take? This is only happening because people dislike me and my first couple of days I spammed tenor gifs and got a shit reputation.

You are OJ Simpsoning me. Finding a valid excuse to ban me because you couldn’t ban me for the thing that really irritated you.

Bro don’t, they’ll use the admeme power fantasy on you. Also what the fuck, this guy gets his appeal looked at but mine is just abandoned? :eyes:

Don’t unbean- thanks

The guy made a pretty funny joke, unban he

There’s saying “my balls itch” and doing ERP jokes and there’s implied sex copypastas. Play stupid games, win dumb fucking prizes.

It’s not a copypasta and it doesn’t imply sex. Drop your FUCKING vendetta against me.

Lmao what do you think it implies? Also, a little thing, not everyone who calls out out when you break the rules has a vendetta against you. I find you irritating, true, but i’m not that bloody petty.

If everyone in a room feels like an asshole, that usually means you’re the asshole.

2 horny 4 discord :flushed:

Now for real, what you’ve posted was NSFW, and you’ve been already muted so I don’t think you’ll be unbanned.

I like how you’re joking around like this doesn’t even fucking matter. So fucking cool.

Actually yeah, it doesn’t. Not to you. It’s not your life, it’s mine. Why would you care about another human being?

Why are you here? Did I genuinely fucking hurt your feelings by saying “cum” in the discord? Did I actually make you feel uncomfortable?

No. You just want to hurt me. Why? I don’t know. I never hurt you.

You got banned for a reason. What makes you think you can appeal it literally half an hour after?
Your warning for ickock was instantly removed yet you managed to get 2 warnings for nsfw in general (yikes from me) and 2 for bypass.
You had 4 warnings and you were on thin ice already, even being muted.
I don’t believe you are an awful person but you are constantly toying with rules and then being like “I had no idea, unban me” “it wasn’t my fault”. It doesn’t happen 5 times (one warning was appealed).
Ban stays, I have no intention of unbanning you right now, you are welcome to appeal at a later date and having your note/ban history (in game) be clear will help a lot.