Dimas man mediocre

everyone has one so why not me?


6 pages of notes and still one of the most beloved players on the server. Legendary.


Uniromically actually mediocre

It’s like watching a kid fall down the stairs. You know it hurts, but you still laugh at the dumb little fucker.


Aigh ima do a meme version and a serious one

meme one:
Dimas Valozk is truly a fucking Bee household name, like him or not. Madlad has a fucking dent in his skull yet manages to still be based as fuck.
7 pages of notes and still going.

Serious note:

I’m actually happy that I met you, and I genuinely enjoy talking to you, whether for memes, fucking around in Hippie or Bee, or actually staying up at night and talking about whatever’s in our minds. You, Xly and Lago are some of the peeps I genuinely consider great friends, together wth a few others like Alfred, Sirio, Owen and more.

I love ya, you big fuckin’ cunt. I’m glad I met ya.

okay I guess
twenty character limit

Who the fuck is diams
Brrb summoning him

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