Dimas man mediocre

everyone has one so why not me?


6 pages of notes and still one of the most beloved players on the server. Legendary.


Uniromically actually mediocre

It’s like watching a kid fall down the stairs. You know it hurts, but you still laugh at the dumb little fucker.


Aigh ima do a meme version and a serious one

meme one:
Dimas Valozk is truly a fucking Bee household name, like him or not. Madlad has a fucking dent in his skull yet manages to still be based as fuck.
7 pages of notes and still going.

Serious note:

I’m actually happy that I met you, and I genuinely enjoy talking to you, whether for memes, fucking around in Hippie or Bee, or actually staying up at night and talking about whatever’s in our minds. You, Xly and Lago are some of the peeps I genuinely consider great friends, together wth a few others like Alfred, Sirio, Owen and more.

I love ya, you big fuckin’ cunt. I’m glad I met ya.

okay I guess
twenty character limit

Who the fuck is diams
Brrb summoning him

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a poem for this necropost, if you please

woe is me, for how the years have gone by, old boy

a wise man once told me that a game is about having fun, and you’re only really having fun when you’re winning superiority over your opponent

then again, this wise man is the same person who, on a blood brothers round together, told me that he had no idea what the door wires were because he had just been using thermite the entire time

a wise man once told me that all the nonsense and memorabilia that he is known for happened in spite of the situation rather than because of it

then again, this wise man is the same person who told me “you’re probably black under that envirosuit” in response to me questioning him about why he gunned down a medical doctor in the middle of the brig hallway with weapons he stole from security

woe is me, the times i have been inspired to have done something not expected of me in spite of the hypervigilant security players or the concerned admins not liking what they don’t know or the uncooperative science players or that an item needed to do what i wish has been made rarer by a code contributor who I don’t even know; but instead because a memory of a wise man came into my mind

a wise man once told me that there are only three difficulties in this game, to find anything worth doing, to find honest men to assist you in it, and to find sensible men to not tear it down

then again, this wise man is the same person who blamed the Jews for the current state of the station

woe is me, for i lack the international man of mystery that was once here to destabilize situations and overescalate encounters with a carefree temperament, much like Dean Martin, or a city-state in a Civilizations game that has the Irrational trait

woe is me, for the spaceman may leave the station but the station never leaves the spaceman

woe is me

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holy shit the fucking thermite for every door one is legendary