Demi-Wahoo Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Demi-Wahoo

**Your Discord:**Demi-Wahoo#6398

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since 2019, i have been playing this game. After checking the time with bot i have around 2000 hours at the game. Groovy.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I may not know who might vouch, so i do apologise for not knowing what i could write in this section.

Game Experience (More Detailed):
I have 2000 hours on beestation, my most played departments are medical, service and science. My least played are security and engineering.

Medical: I am confident in my skills as virologist, medical doctor and genecitist. I do know surgeries and how to bring back players without needing to clone them. Chemist, i play rarely but i do know which chemical does what and how to make them… This is the department i have the most hours in.

Science: I dabble in xenobiology making gimmicky things with it. I know what research priority is. I avoid toxins, due to lacking knowledge of gas mixing. Robotics are simple, in my opinion.

Service: Botany, is my favorite service job due to being able to create ridiculous things with it. As bartender, i know effects of certain drinks due to playing characters with alcohol related quirks.

Security: Least played job due to not wanting to be a shitsec. I try to be useful, but i do not think i am good at this department.

Engineering: I know how to construct and deconstruct things, fix hulls. Usualy, i remodelled rooms and constructed machines and consoles. Tried to play as atmos tech, learned how to fix atmos in rooms with resin and via spacing the room and then setting atmos alarms to refill the room with air. Never managed to plasmaflood. Caused entire department to freeze by accident due to adding freezer to wrong pipe during making miasma farm. Least played department.

Cargo: Bounties, move boxes from the shuttle. Hack the console to get contraband things such as biker crate. Basic knowledge of how to be a miner and cargo tech.

Command: Basic knowledge on how to play command roles.

i 100% +1 this, but im gonna ask anyways
-How make borg?
-How make gygax?
-whats the speedy extract?
-ai dead, how fix?
-how give the ai new laws?

1: Best way to cool down a room?
2: Room is spaced, how fix?
3: What air alarm mode do you use to purge toxic gases?
4: How make Tritium?
5: As an AI, how do i talk to my borgs?
6: AI Malf, what do?
7: A borg has gone rogue and is no longer synced, how do you fix it without killing it?
8: How setup Tesla/Singulo?
9: How do i open the fireaxe container thing without breaking the glass?

That’s all you needed to say for me fam, easy +1

heres year +1

  1. To make a borg, you need to make the shell. All cyborg parts can be made in the exosuit machine (Put every part on exoskeleton), torso requires a cell amd wires. Head requires two flashes. Now you need either brain in MMI or positronic brain.

  2. To make a gygax, you require to research it first and have enough materials. After researching it, synchronize exosuit machine with current reseaech and you can print it from “exosuit:gygax” part of the exosuit machine. You also need special parts from it that come from circuits which are boards, there are 3 of them. First you put all of the parts on the mech skeleton except the armor. You wrench it, screwdriver, wires, wirecutter, then you add boards and screwdriver them in, capacitor, scanning module, cell, iron, wrench, welding tool, armor, wrench, welding tool. And viola. Gygax done.

  3. Speedy extract that depends on what you mean. Add water to red slime extract and it will make Potion that removes slowdown on equipment. If you mean speedy walking thing. It is a crossbreed where you put 10 blue extracts into the adult light pink slime.

4.To fix the AI, you require modular computer and intellicard. This computer can be found in RD office or you can download the AI integrity restorer on new modular computer. Put AI into the card and then out it into the computer and turn on the AI restorer. Wait out till it gets to 100%.

  1. To give AI laws you require AI upload and AI law boards. It is common to use freeform law due to it being added below the core laws.
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What else can I say than +1

tip top +1


  1. To cool a room you need to use atmos resin from the atmos water backpack or you could remove all air via making a hole to space and then patching it and replace the missing air with new colder air. Also space heaters can be used but it takes more time.

  2. Patch the hull and then bring back air via carnister that has air or set air alarm to refill the air in the room.

  3. If i do remember it was draught.

  4. Tritium can be made by igniting 60% Oxygen and 40% Plasma.

  5. To talk with cyborgs or silicons in general, use :b or .b

  6. Cutting cameras, airlock AI control wires, getting Ion rifle and flashes is good idea. EMP is AI enemy so use it well. If AI is malf it usualy relocates or makes a stronghold on sat, which changes the strategy to approach the problem.

  7. Flashing it while deconstructing it. Use ID with robotic access, crowbar, empty hand to take out cell, screw driver, cut all wires with wirecutter and then wrench it. All while flashing it constantly. Then it can be reconstructed. Or you could ask RD or somelne with similar access to lock the borg with console.

  8. There is a guide on wiki.

  9. Use multitool on it and then empty hand on it.

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1+ I cant even argue with that hour count. Awnsers also look fine

That being said how do clockies spawn agent cards?(they can)

Acutaly i didnt knew they spawn with agent cards because i never got to be round start clockie xd. Always captured by them or fought against them.

they spawn with chameleon jump suit and agent card, but they can also make them via arnement spell

Neat. That’s good to know.

That’s a +1 from me. 2000 hours.

Just to help with counting since someone did +1 twice… :smiley:

Total: +6

2000 hours, come on in mate +1

I hate myself for having 2000 hours in a 2d spessman game.


Why is this even a thing? Get in here +1

@GameAdmin he’s at +8 now just let him in :slight_smile:

Pinging all of the admins is kind of redundant considering only Seniors and up can do mentor apps.
Also I’m too tired to look at it currently. I’ll look at it tomorrow if nobody gets to it before me.