Crow4 Banned by Rukofamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both??

Ban Type: global
Ban Date: 2021-03-13 01:46

Expire Date: 2021-03-20 01:46

Round: 27860

Server: All

Admin: Rukofamicom

R1 - extremely poor ticket conduct. Ban requested by ruko.

i get that i was a little salty in 1 ahelp, but I only ahelped like once, then i just prayed like 2 times. A week for being angry that I had heretics off and got stuck with heretics on golden??

Why I got a week i’ve never been banned before, look at my notes fuckin nothing. This is just personal revenge or something.

Please follow the proper format.
This appeal will not be considerd untill you do.

Got it I think? is this better?

Yep, looks about right.

Do you think a week for not cursing or not insulting anyone mind you for a first offense in a year is fair headmin

Ruko was the one who requested the ban as in the reasoning

You were rude in the ahelp, im just trying my best to make the game experience as enjoyable as possible. It didnt help that you continued the toxic behaviour in dchat and in prayers.

With your history of this exact problem - yes I do. I encourage admins to step up and throw out players who use ahelps to dump salt and insults, then take to prayers when ahelp muted, and then carry on the insults in dead chat for another 20 minutes.

Your behavior was toxic in general and it always has been. A week is a suitable first punishment and it will only get worse if you don’t change your tune.

I prayed twice and you muted me from ahelp randomly after 1 prayer. I’m sorry you took personal offense to it but a week for what? that’s actually toxic. not me.

A week is a suitible first punishment? On golden? Where people act like worse and never get in trouble? Why? That sounds like personal revenge to me over something. I don’t know why, i been playin a long time, i get salty once and get a week ban? How is that fair? I don’t get it i really don’t.

I saw that reply headmin. I appreciate you saying you don’t think i’m toxic. I didn’t think i was. I’m sorry i got so mad you’d have to ban me for a week.

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You have been written up for shitty ahelps before, though that was a while ago.
The fact we all recognize you as someone who’s ahelps are not stelar is not a good sign.
I’d be cool seeing this reduced to 5 days or something since that was over a year ago, but ahleps are not your personal space to salt at. Please read rule 1.

Up to banning admin or ruko imo.

Yeah I mean even 5 days seems insane to me. But I feel this is a personal vengance kinda thing. I am sorry i hurt your feelings with my conduct. I’m sorry I said “I have heretics turned off and i got it” then “Hey I was a heretic and died and i had it turned off” or something. I get that it was out of line to be angry my round was stolen by some kind of glitch.

There is no glitch there. If not enough people sign up for the rounds antags, the game will force the left over antag roles upon players that have it off.

Ah I figured the best thing to do would be to ahelp, so I did. I guess that was foolish of me, I now see. I’m honestly sorry, I really am.

As with most bans, I’m fine with reducing when the issue is addressed and an agreement to correct the issue is made, as well as an understanding that repeating the issue in the future will result in a longer ban.

Keep your ahelps civil and don’t attack the admin. If you get ahelp muted, don’t carry it over into prayer or deadchat.

I mean 5 days though really? I prayed 3 (not 2, it was 3 my bad.)times Ruko. I been playin a year this whole thing seems extremely out of left field in my opinion. But i do appreciate that at least. Also totally won’t salt in dead chat anymore didn’t realize a week ban was coming to me from that, for what it’s worth there was like… no one dead except me. Plus i never directly insulted at the guy or like anything. no cursing or anger notthing of the sort.

What if you just lifted it entirely, I didn’t do it again, i humbly apologize and you just make it a note :flushed:

Shitting on admins, and especially saying you’ll go to a server with “real admins” to someone who just started and literally doesn’t even have the game permissions to do what you’re requesting demanding.

Rudeness doesn’t have to be about saying some magical bad words, it’s also about making a personal attack on someone who’s working for free to make the game better for you.

I’ll leave final decision on reduction or removal up to @GiggaGuy, and I’ll support his decision on it either way.

You would only apologize it the prerequisite was being unbanned?

Does not seem like a honest apology to me

well i already apologized. I am sorry man, for real i just raged. I’m sorry, unban or not. I really am sorry i lost my shit there.