Crossedfall Admin Report

In-game misconduct:

Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Admin Report

CKEY: Heepox

Your Discord: snowblind#3732

Offender’s CKEY: Crossedfall

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01/22/2020

Round Number: 11733

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): (still cant find these)

Incident Description: At the end of a stealthy 2h round of blood brothers doing their thing decides to spawn nukies to "end the round" while SM was blowing itself to bits and shuttle was being called before and centcomm sent their message that apparently was the warning about nukies when SM was at 45% and AI had no cams on it and engis were dead.

Additional Information: Greentexts ruined and said that an entire nukie team was a midround antag. Also is he an Admin or Host or a Hostmin?

I’m the host. That tends to encompass a couple of roles. As for ending a ~2.5 hour round, that was within my discretion. Given how many ghosts there were and how little progress was being made towards evacuation, I opted to roll mid-round antags. The SM was up and down throughout the round and the nukies were summoned before it got low enough to be an actual round-ending event. (Even then, I’ve watched over rounds where that doesn’t even prompt the crew to call for a shuttle)

Nukies didn’t get there until just before the shuttle arrived and even then the crew was given a full 10-minute notice to get ready. The shuttle was fully defended and the crew entirely destroyed the nuke ops team while evacuating.


Sounds pretty gay Crossed.

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I’ve seen worse things than nukies sent in to end a round, so I don’t see the problem

Though you should totally try and dab on the admemes and get an antag token, though i’m not sure that works in this scenario.

It does not. I’m not going to be granting an antag token for this. As I said, it was within my discretion. Long rounds tend to tank the MC which causes issues. Pushing things along is a must. Usually I like to be a lot more subtle, but in this case I opted to let the numerous ghosts have a go.

There’s really not much to say here. There seems to be no favoritism and force rolling mid rounds after some antags decide that the round shouldn’t end is fair. It seems to not have had that much of an effect either.

That doesn’t really matter…?? We had a vote. Seniormins can’t approve their own events. This is strikable, and this guy deserves a token.

I’m above a seniormin and this wasn’t an event.

Bruh Bastian not knowing who Crossed is

Pretty damn sure deadminning Crossed would basically be the server grabbing a gun and shooting itself in the gut, as he is a host

Crossed, what? That’s adminbus if that’s not a approved event. Without prayers or centcom requests, that’s litterally just adminbus. You’ve somehow made it worse.

And yes, I do know who crossed is.

So wait, from the top. You decided the round was taking too long, while the shuttle was called, then decided to spawn nukies? I’ve got this correct, right?

As I said prior, mid-round antags were rolled to help push an excessively long round to an end. Their effect was going to be minimal, end round tension at best.

No. The shuttle was called in response to the ops and the shard combined. So, called after Bridge was notified of nukies. Before they arrived on the station.

Edit: given that the server was already showing signs of issue, the round needed to conclude no matter what.

Link to admin conduct/rules doc.

Nothing on midround bus, however nukies are on the level of adminbus events in regards to definition.

This should’ve had some sort of vote or second-opinion approval imo.

Alright so what your telling me is it’s alright for someone to adminbus after a hour or 2?

edit: sorry for being so grog like, but I’m trying to get the full story, why YOU think it’s ok, etc etc

A while back I remember doing something similar with calling a DS to end a round early. I considered that strike-worthy and demanded Rue give me one since he was the Headmin at the time.
So what I think should happen here is pretty clear.

Usually I’d agree. But I was the only admin available and the round needed to end. As per my prior, I do like to be a lot more subtle with this usually.

Just someone? No. But if a headmin+ looks at the situation and comes to the conclusion that the round needs to end then under those circumstances certain actions can be taken to advance the round. Each situation is different. In this case, doing a dangerous mid-round to put pressure on command was what I deemed to be a decent form of action.

Ds and nukies are very very different. One is basically unkillable, even with shitty DS players, and the other can be easily countered with some basic weapons.

What a horrible excuse, you could’ve still gauged the opinion of the players or simply set a restart vote. This justifies nothing. “Subtlety” and shady disregard for conduct are not similar.