Counters to Abductors

A short list of ways to fuck the ayys.

  • Meth and Mannitol to speed up to prevent abductors from hitting you

  • Bath Salts prevent all forms of sleep and thus you will only be stunned and not asleep

  • ayyy headsets aren’t bangproof. Screwdriver to flash bang, set it to 1 second, insta win against ayys

  • Shove the ayy

Loll is correct they don’t have no slips, but that’s basic robustness.

Ayys also have no mouth and can easily be poisoned with a syringe gun, with no way of chugging charcoal to fix it

This is coming from your personal experience?

Clockcult can also tank Ayys with their ability to negate all Stuns for 30 seconds, but if you don’t beat them in that time your fucked

Yes, from playing plenty of abductors trough observing all the time and getting midrounds

The real strength of abductors is the moment of suprise, one hit stunning people before a fight can break out.
If they see you pulling the batton in time all it takes is one wall shove and them being faster at picking up the batton.

If you’re on a streak and have unspent abductor points you can buy a new one, but if it happens on target 1 you’re screwed and have to try to use flashes or some shit like that

You can resist out of a blue space body bag so if you can fake the sleeping somehow you can just leave it and take the ayys by surprise

Bath salts make you immune to all stuns IIRC. They will melt your brain in seconds though.

It does but it gives the no sleep trait as well, literally preventing sleep so if you rest and do *snore you can fake the sleeping and trick the ayys

Ayy disguises crumple as soon as you damage em. See someone running at you? toss something at em and watch em seethe

they stop any kind of stun too, even slips you walk right over lube lol

Being stun resistant in general goes a long way.
Also pepper spray works on abductors with their default gear last time I checked, which is great because that means you don’t have to walk next to them and risk being one tapped.

The real counters to abductors are robust people , chef and debtors all can disarm and can launch the into oblivion before he can even call out for help

The only thing I want in regards to abductors is the ability to look at my watch condescendingly while laying on the ufo floor waiting to get back to the station.

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unless you get bad RNG and start crying in front of abductor
what an embarassing way to get abducted

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I kinda wish I didn’t need to do incredibly dangerous hard drugs to counter abductors on an RP server.

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If you wanna look at it from an RP perspective… realy only sec should be gunning for the ayys.
They dont kill people, they dont steal… all they do is give you a fun objective to bring some more whacky RP into the round.

idk man if i know aliens are teleporting around to come stun-sleep-kidnap me and stick organs in me that make me vomit bees i think i’d be pretty miffed

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Michiru i know for a fact just based off that statement you would be better off on Aurorastation HRP. It’s a TG offshoot and follows essentially the same principles but with HRP.

Bath salts and mannitol