Counters to Abductors

You also need to add some neurine because it will damage you fast enough to give you otherwise debilitating brain traumas from my experience.

You are correct, it causes a plethora of damages that the mannitol can not heal quite as quick, unlike mannitol and meth

just let yourself get abudcted, there are very helpful, At the very least, you wont be harmed directly


Social distancing. just dont let anyone come close to you.

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Get brain trauma gland

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There’s no need to take such drastic measures, cafe latte (coffee + milk) also makes you sleep immune.
And modafinil as well, although it can be tricky to create, it will provide you with a very sustainable sleep immunity for extended periods of time.

Just play as an atmos tech. Nothing’s better than recreating that one scene from metal gear revengence with stimulum and nitryl internals

Sophoric Shells worked really well, and perhaps the only time I could justify actually using them was with overzealous ayys.

The ultimate counter is to just be a IPC and watch as abductors get confused why they can’t do surgery on you or put your body through the dissection thing. Had that happen once as a IPC HOP and ended up having a normal conversation with them while they figured out what to do with me. Ended up teleporting me into a escape pod as Narsi was being summoned.


Drag a monkey everywhere you go, pray for the god baton snatch

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I dunno man, One time, an Ay gave me an organ that made me randomly puke plasma gas and gave me a brain tumor so I couldn’t tell the CMO what my problem was.
Even more obnoxiously, buckling myself to a stasis didn’t prevent the gas expulsion.
It caused a severe conflagration when some dingus walked into a cloud of plasma in Medical with a lit Cig.

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Ayys can do the surgery on IPCs, it just is done in a special way. I personally don’t remember how to do it, but Rusty does know how to do it, and I’ve seen him do it various times.

This strat is against the rules to use, or at least extremely frowned upon by admins. You will probably get bwoinked if they notice you using a BSBB to abduct people.

You wouldn’t know what the problem was to begin with, the ayy return machine wipes your memories of the encounter.

One way to counter them would require a lot of effort, but there has at least been one time that I think a virus managed to turn the ayy agent I was working with into a felind. We spent a solid chunk of the round repeatedly breaking into chem and xenobio to get everything needed to make the right mutation toxin to fix my agent, then to make sure he spoke in the right “abductor channel” which just took me taking out his tongue and using it in my hand, configuring it to my frequency.

It may not fully disable a abductor, but it at least stops them from using alien tech until they fix themselves via a somewhat lesser known feature of xenobio. Main downside is that by being a non-alien they are now able to fit their now normal sized fingers into the guns on the station.

TLDR: Make virus that infects inorganic’s and infect the abductors with it, especially powerful if it’s a admin felind virus that turns them from powerful aliens to relatively weak felinds

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I couldn’t even tell him that I couldn’t talk good and I was occasionally vomiting plasma.

This is correct. At the time of writing this ruling had not been made. I am not editing the original. I claim no responsibility for any bwoinks you get for only reading half this page.

Can we stop necro posting on year old threads