Corgstation feedback thread

Not to be confused with Endostation, Corgstation is an entirely different new map. Corgstation hasn’t been testmerged (yet), so post what you think about it by looking at the composite image.

The 4th iteration of a map I've been casually doing whenever I don't feel like coding is finally complete.
Corgstation is an entirely new and completely original station with a unique design (Whether or not this is a good thing is still to be found).
The map features absolutely beautiful lighting and introduces a new glowsticks spawner that will auto light glowsticks on the groups for giving a colourful and pretty glow to maints.
No one really cares about the text, let's get to the pretty pictures.

I'm quite happy how most of it turned out, brig physician is going to have a good time, although I think atmospherics is a little off.

The engine used is a standard supermatter with valves that can be opened and closed depending on whether or not you want to connect it to the TEG, which can also be connected to the cold loop or turbine. (It's pretty customisable, you can choose what you want connected by opening and closing valves.)
Robotics is extremely nice, very happy with how that turned out.
Cargo I think is quite nice too and I like security.
Genetics and medbay storage are pretty good.
Evac is beautiful and cozy.

Also the maintenance game is very strong for you assistants out there.

Looka pretty nice tbh, has it’s issues tho:
-court room should be a lot closer to sec, doing courts on this map is pretty risky
-I dislike the way virology is accessed (tubes), it’s pretty easy to sabotage and unlike AI chamber people who work or need to be there usually have no hardsuites to take a space route
-HOP line is kinda short
-Perma prison should get some outer grills in case of space dust
-Chemistry feels too empty compared to it’s size
-Chaplain’s office should get service colored doors instead of normal ones

Overrall it looks pretty good, will give another feedback after testing it.

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slightly inappropriate but this map is so sexy Wtf…box and meta are butterfaces but this map could be the full package

just a couple things
medbay cryo placement is weird. i frequently take ppl off stasis and put them in cryo and that’s a long walk on this map

hop’s office looks like budget cuts

armory is 11/10 to me

and idk the ai’s defenses were underwhelming. u seem creative it’d be cool to see a really beefed up ai defense turret layout. BOX STATION kinda poked at the idea of it. (i feel like u should need more than an ion rifle and aa to kill an ai)

why isnt it shaped like a corgi


Oh yea, very valid poit with cryo ad sleepers

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Wait, does the LVL-2 checkpoint mean that the hallways connecting the departments/command/etc are on restricted access, or is that just a place where security can stand and watch who goes through?

As to the point on AI defenses, it’s okay for the AI to not be supremely fortified, though I would like if the turrets in the upload weren’t pretty much guaranteed to get blocked by the computers and end up blowing them apart (on lethal) or being blocked (on stun).

Is the toxins test site far enough away from xenobiology to avoid damaging it on repeat blasts? I notice there are a few walls up there.

Does the chapel not have a crematorium?

No solars, much sads.

No turbine for atmos?
No access to top side for service members?
Perma gonna get fucked by spessdust?

Am i blind or there’s no morgue on medbay?

Agree on Pixelman regarding virology access

Chembay is fine IMO @pixelman the one on the right is basically the plumbing room!

My only issue with medbay it’s that the horizontal line that goes from chembay all the way into the main entrance looks very… empty i get it it’s a hallway but i just feel it very empty considering it’s size, maybe some plants+rollerboards would help making it feel less flat

I would add the classic free kit + gauze sitting on a table on the waiting room or somewhere in the med lobby for those that are used to grab it from all maps or it’s used on emergencies

Can i ask what’s the pop goal for it to be played? i don’t think i saw it on the pr but i can imagine a small one

Does CMO office have a shutter button for his office? might be interesting to implement the quarantine button that closes medbay for virus outbreaks :flushed: kinda like Meta has on science… (i’m preaching for it to be added everywhere)

Not the plumbing room, main chemistry room has empty spaces on north of it, it isn’t a lot but due to the ground tiles it kinda looks bad there

LVL-2 Checkpoint is just fluff, the doors are public access but security can watch the scanner gates and bolt doors if they want.

Crematorium and solars I forgot and will do.

Atmos has a turbine up north, and perma needs some reinforcements outside, will do that now.

Medbay has some issues and will need a huge reorganisation, the only parts I really like are the storage room and genetics anyway.

After some work changes have been made:


  • Old cryo room replaced with morgue.
  • Cryo pods moved next to sleeper room.
  • Chemistry has been reorganised and a chem wardrobe added.
  • Added shutters to CMO’s office.


AI Core:

  • Relocated turrets
  • Added shutters to windows
  • Added mounted flashers
  • Added cyborg charging station


  • Added cyborg charging station


Head of Personnel’s office:

Security: Added the prisoner transfer center


  • Added space reinforcements
  • Linked disposals up
  • Added 2 space suits


  • Added solars
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I kinda dig the virology and the way how you get there but yeah it’s really vulnerable to meteors/sabotage and it will be a huge pain to get out of during emergency. I’d add an emergency spacesuit. Haha just kidding… Unless…?

Courtroom is very unlikely to be able to fit, and will have to stay far away. (At least its better than pubby’s courtroom)

How about having the security disposals bin’s path to disposals go through the courtroom, so if you want you can remove a pipe for security being able to take a high speed lane to there. It’ll also make prisoner transport safer without any interruptions.


  • More maints rooms (maints rooms are a feature in bee and most if not all the large stations are underwhelming with maints)
  • Remove empty space from medical maints and add maints rooms
  • A lot of medbay/service maints should be converted into maints rooms
  • Expand service maints and possibly add more maints around xenobio’
  • Maybe add maints leading into engineering
  • The shuttle construction area/shuttle bay should be in outer space so it’s not constrained. The whose section in engineering needs a redesign.
  • I don’t see any pods. This station is huge and the fact that the only escape is the departures area is worrying. I’d say change the location of the courtroom and add some pods where the courtroom currently is. Also some in arrivals and the public area near engineering. And a mandatory sec and engi pod.

btw is there a janitorial closet on this map? I couldn’t find it

Yea, left wall of arrivals


Love those decal pixelarts in cargo, and also


and it looks like it’s good even.

Thank you Baconman

Viro needs an air tank, vents and scrubbers, with an injector throwing the scrubbed air into space, like all other maps. Cuz you know, viruses.