Confession thread 7: the reboot

0.5 hours as Clown… oh god you must’ve felt your skin burning

Literally just this.
30 minute taxi clown that ONE TIME


Isn’t a tritium fire enough for pluoxium generation?

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Never thought of that, guess I could throw C02 into a tritium mix. Thanks for the idea!

You can also just put incredibly negligible amounts of CO2 in the SM loop which will react with the oxygen the SM generates and the radiation the SM also generates.

Or you can be a Chad and make the Supermatter run entirely on CO2.

cough cough

unconvincing cough

Oxygen Plasma SMs are more fun :pensive:
Although this is getting fairly off topic so I’ll stop talking about this.

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Stop conversating in my damn church and start REPENTING

it was said to be fine so this was my response earlier


Is a sin to make 1000 publicly available gender potions?

I can not for the life of me take kobolds seriously. I just end up patting them on the head

its not technically a sin it’s just weird

straight to hell for that

I used DLC aircraft as a crutch to S Rank Ace Combat 7 on the hardest difficulty :pensive:

The ADF-11’s laser is just too good.

How dare you use anything but missiles. Thats cheating.

Jesse what the FUCK are you talking about

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Obviously he’s admitting that he paid to win.
DIRECTLY to the 7th circle of hell for ultimate betrayal of self and skill.
Jeez bluezorua, I thought you were the knowledgeable holy man.

I can step in on this one, absolute sin + get good + controller user + gen 3 aircraftlette

My sins: As Katrina I get my funnies by applying lipstick to crew members in the hallways. I target command typically while theyre talking.

I also take any opportunity I can to steal hats from command without slipping them, and usually throw whatever current hat I am wearing, or cat ears, onto them. Usually it is another command hat.

Am I destined to sksksk in hell with a scorpio like the devil? Are there crystals there to purge my toxins with good vibes?


Cooking as much meth as physically possible as a chemist… ending up with stashes as high as 84000u of meth in a locker.

I have a secret felinid character that I play

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At this point I’m scared

straight to hell, no questions asked