Complete xenobiology guide by a xenobiology main

I have decided to make this guide because recently i have seen many players both new or old showing curiosity in xenobiology so i have decided to share my ways of xenobiology. Before i begin this guide lemme tell you the biggest problem of xenobiology is TIME since beestation rounds tend to last an average of 40 minutes so the most important thing that you need to do first is KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO cause you cant do them all unless you are a robust xenobiologist and this guide will help you become one.


Go and grab the monkey cubes from the monkey cube box and insert em into the xenobiology console, then feed the 3/2 grey slimes with 2 monkeys each. Now while the slimes are feeding dont waste any time and use the wrench located in your lab and pull the slime grinder near your slime console and also the slime fridge if it isnt near your console. After that go to the rd console,pray to the gods that robotics didnt waste points by researching mechs and then research industrial engineering. Then take from the science autolathe a RPED 2 advanced matter bins 2 nano manipulators (remember to synchronize research first) a screwdriver and 20 glass sheets. Then go to the xenobiology lab upgrade the monkey recycler and the slime grinder and then make some additional pens with the 20 glass sheets. When you finish this the slimes will have most likely split.


So the slimes split and you have new colors. Now like i said in the beggining you need to know what you want to do and also you need to know what important slime extracts do. For that i suggest going to the xenobiology guide on tg station(link down at the end of the guide) and scroll down to slimes. In order to get the extracts from a slime you first need to kill it and you can do that by picking the slime up and putting it in the cooler(the room with blue floor) where the slime will take damage. After they stop moving take their dead bodies and move it in/near the slime grinder where they will be sucked and after the slime grinder will be activate it will produce 1 slime extract without upgrades up to 4 extracts with upgrades.In a nutshell slime extracts react to blood/plasma/water some may react only with plasma others may not react with water etc. Now the most important thing that you need to know(as a newbie) is that GREY SLIMES extracts produce 3 monkey cubes when injected with blood. Alright so this if you have understood this point then you can call youself an average xenobiologist not good but not bad either so in order to master xenobiology you really need to know crossbreeding as it makes xenobiology roughly x1000 faster and funnier but before i do that here are some cool slime extracts and what they do:

METAL SLIME EXTRACT: will produce 10 units of iron and 5 units of plasteel(iron + plasma)if injected with plasma and 10 units of glass and 5 units of reinforced glass so if the miners are lazy you can supply rnd with basic materials

YELLOW SLIME EXTRACT: if injected with BLOOD it will produce a BIG emp effect so it is really usefull to use it near nukies to rekt their mechs and stuff. If injected with PLASMA it will produce 10k self charging power cells really usefull for mechs since they would basically never need to refill their power

BLUESPACE SLIME EXTRACT: will produce bluespace crystals when injected with PLASMA really usefull since most times bluespace crystals are always in high demand. Will produce 25 bluespace floor tiles when injected with BLOOD now when you walk on these floors you move VERY VERY FAST so they are really usefull and if you got the time please lay these floors around the station.

ADAMANTINE SLIME EXTRACT: will produce an adamantine bar when injected with PLASMA. Adamantine bars will produce 1 golem shell per 1 bar golem shells are used to create golems by filling it with 10 materials. The golems are(in theory,really) loyal to you and will follow all of your commands so you can make a golem army n stuff

GREEN SLIME EXTRACT: if you inject it with plasma you will get slime mutation toxin if you inject it on yourself you will become a JELLYPERSON NOT A SLIME there are 3 types of jellypersons the simple one which lets it split itself after you have enough slime jelly(which you gain by being full or drinking plasma) a LUMNISCIENT which lets you absorb slime extracts to use them for powers some of these include: stopping time for 10 seconds with a sepia extract, turn yourself into an adamantine golem produce plasma with a dark purple slime extract ETC

DARK PURPLE SLIME EXTRACT:will produce 3 sheets of plasma when injected with plasma pretty much making you self sustainable
LIGHT PINK SLIME:This slime will produce a sentience potion when injected with plasma which will let a ghost control the creature you use it on

GOLD SLIME: This slime will produce 3 hostile creatures that ARE NOT HOSTILE when injected with BLOOD (while not confirmed i think that these creatures will also protect you if someone attacks you). This extract will also produce 5 hostile creatures when injected with PLASMA THEY ARE HOSTILE DONT DO THIS IF YOU CANNOT CONTAIN/KILL EM CAUSE ADMINS WILL BWOINK YOU(unless you are an antag then just use this reaction everywhere).This extract is really only usefull when you got lightpink slime

DARK BLUE: will produce a cooling potion that has 3 uses making your clothes fire immune really usefull if there is a gay plasma flooder on the station


ALRIGHT so crossbreeding is really the IMPORTANT PART of xenobiology. IF you master it you can do many things like make 50 golem shells by minute 22, get tons of regenerative crossbreeds that are basically instant heal medicine,make billions of metals, get op armor and litteraly be immortal, AND SO MUCH MORE

HOW TO CORSSBREED: in order to crossbreed you need to feed an adult slime 10 extracts. The dominant colour will be that of the adult slime so for exemple if you feed a grey adult slime 10 grey extracts it will be a reproductive grey and if you feed a blue adult slime 10 grey extracts it will be a reproductive blue.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT YOU NEED TO DO FIRST IS MAKING A FACTORY. In order to make a factory you first need to know what the reproductive crossbreed and the industrial crossbreed does. The reproductive crossbreed (which you get by feeding any adult slime 10 grey extracts) will produce 1-4 extracts of its color when feed with 3 monkey cubes so for exemple if you have a reproductive grey and you feed it 3 monkey cubes it will produce 1-4 grey extracts. Now this is really good because you basically have an infinite amount of monkey cubes now however the downside is that it takes some of your precious time by making the blood reaction with the grey extracts to get monkey cubes, and by feeding the grey extract as it has a cooldown of about 3-4 after it produces extracts. So that is why you want to get an INDUSTRIAL GREY which you can get by feeding an adult grey slime 10 metal extracts. The industrial grey will PRODUCE 5 MONKEY CUBES PER 2 UNITS OF PLASMA which is really good. That means that if you give 20 units of plasma the industrial grey will make 50 monkey cubes and with those monkey cubes you can feed the reproductive greys of any color. The only bad thing of a factory is the fact that you will eat a pretty good amount of plasma but if you get a REPRODUCTIVE DARK PURPLE or INDUSTRIAL DARK PURPLE you can become self sustainable as the reproductive dark purple will produce 1-4 dark purple extracts which produces 3 plasma sheets each when injected with plasma and the industrial dark purple will produce 1 sheet per 10 plasma doubling your input.


There are MANY powerfull crossbreeds (even thought like 50% of the crossbreeds are still not added in the game and some people think that it will be better to remove features instead of adding new ones) so here are some of my personal favorites

CHILLING ADAMANTINE: You get this by feeding an adamantine slime 10 dark blue extracts and once injected with 10u of plasma and then activated it will produce a SET OF ADAMANTINE ARMOR WHICH IS OP and by that i mean that it has insane defensive stats however the bad thing is that: you will move like a plasteel golem aka slow however there is a way to dab on this by making a STABILIZED RED CROSSBREED(from feeding an adult red slime 10 blue extracts) which removes any and all slows from clothes however sadly the adamantine armor DOESNT HAVE HELMET so please ADD ADAMANTINE HELMET PLOX also this goes really well with the next crossbreed

BURNING ADAMANTINE: Produces an adamantine shield when injected with 10u of plasma.This shield is two handed does 15 damage per hit and it offers 50% damage protection, this thing is really op goes well with adamantine armor

REGENERATIVE: you get this godly crossbreed by feeding any adult slime 10 purple slime extracts, this thing is REALLY GOOD because it INSTANTLY HEALS YOU however you can only use it once. Each regenerative crossbreed also does something unique when using it from spawning a dead clone of yourself to summoning temporary metal walls to protect you from any harm. This crossbreed is really good

STABILIZED: This crossbreed gives a passive effect as long as you hold it. From giving you a slow regeneration effect to dying like a syndie (with a boom) this crossbreed is really powerfull

If you have reached this point and understand crossbreeding then it means that you have basically mastered xenobiology. Next i will give some advice as to what to do if there is a cult/tator/revolution etc


So there is a clock cult on the station. Well this is going to be a fun round for you since you will be the target of the cult in the beggining. IF YOU ARE NOT CULTIST then go to the rd get industrial engineering get the lvl 2 upgrades and then barricade yourself in xenobio by grabbing a weilding tool weilding googles about 30 iron sheets or plasteel make griders at the entrance to the lab and also block the pen hallway with griders so that cultist will only be able to teleport near you and you will be able to hopefully see em also it is recommended to bring some slimes from the pen near you becuase the slimes might attack them when they teleport to you. The entire shift you should spend your time getting as many adamantine extracts from your factory that i mentioned how to make in crossbreeding.Also make sure you have enough metal slime extracts to get the metals you need to fill your golem shells that you will release when you get teleported to the city of cogs. IF YOU ARE A CULTIST FROM THE BEGGINING/GOT CONVERTED then you pretty much need to follow the same thing focus on adamantine production, so that you can make as many golems as possible. If you want you can also upgrade your slime grinder but i have pretty much given up on using it once i got my slime factory so its up to you


Pretty much the same as clock cult however you also need to barricade your windows facing space cause you never know when a gay construct will just enter xenobiology and try to kill you when you are just about to make 40 golem shells


Well this sadly means that the round will most likely last around 30 minutes so while trying to make golems may be viable unless you get some god rng and get the perfect color splits then you are kinda fucked. However you can try to supply the station with regenerative crossbreeds and emp grenades(from yellow slimes)


So you got tators well nice. You can get yourself a lovely adamantine set by getting the adamantine armor and shield and just hunt traitors or you can also make golems who will probably meta kill the traitor who just killed em so your choice


Alright so you need to know this : GOLEMS CAN BE CONVERTED BY ANTAGS so while making golems may be viable you might just wake up with your creation going after your blood or you know the gangsters might convert you. However if you are converted and make golems the golems wont automatically start as gangsters so you will need to recruit them. In general the best way to fight gangsters is by getting yourself a good set of armor some trusty robust golems with chainsaws and just fight em


Again, golems can be converted so unless a rev converted you you might do more harm than good by making golems as they will probably get converted unless mindshielded

-If you are hurt and you dont want to waste your regenerative crossbreed inject blood into the purple extract, it will produce regenerative jelly which is a powerfull healing chem
-You can make chainsaws really easy and they can be used to arm your golem army


Xenobiology wiki on TG : Guide to xenobiology - /tg/station 13 Wiki
SLIME GENEOLOGY: File:Slime geneology2.png - /tg/station 13 Wiki

These are good xenobiologists feel free to ask them questions about xenobiology as they are cool players who will help you

-Cindy Kate (Holds the record of most jellypersons created while splitting currently 29 but an eng borg killed all her clones F)
-Isaiah judge
-Romayne Kirkson
-Alexi Chernobyl Rasputin


Please if you have any feedback to offer,tips or if you have found a mistake in the guide please say.
-Guide made by Likes-The-Slimes a xenobiologist main


You can use the 1x2 areas between the two windoors in each containment cell to breed one specific slime in isolation so that you can guarantee that the monkeys get latched on to by the slime you want to. Useful if you’re trying for a particular colour.

Reactions that form a chemical reagent give more if you manage to add more plasma/blood at once. You’ll get four times as much regen jelly/slime mutation toxin/frost oil if you use a bluespace syringe to add the plasma/blood.

Take a water tank into xenobiology for those specific reactions that need water, like dark blue chill potions.

Watch out for space carp breaking in via the windows on meta.

Reactions that don’t form a chemical reagent only need 1u of blood/plasma to activate. Taking the dropper and using it in hand once will set the dropping amount to 1u, enabling you to use it instead for more efficiency than a syringe.

Alternatively, if someone lacks eye protection, the dropper can forcibly apply advanced mutation toxin or frost oil to them. A useful and compact self defence tool.

You can use slime cores in grenades if you have advanced grenade casings. Slime core in one, blood/plasma in the other. There is still room for other reagents in the casing containing the core. With this you can create many, many deadly custom grenades. Smoke that turns people into slimes! Hostile simplemob spawning grenades that stun people! Have fun with those, and others, if you can get the casings off of medical or security.

Orange cores are a cheap and effective firebomb, mass produce them if you’re a traitor and want to cause chaos with minimal effort.


Thank you! This is quite in-depth and should provide a very good start to Xenobiology for new players.

You missed one of the most important things in xenobiology: force splitting slimes by micromanaging their nutrition.

As soon as a slime is 10/10, they can grow or split. Despite this slimes will continue to feed on the monkeys you give them even after they’ve hit 10/10 nutrition. If you pick up the monkey from under them or if you pick up the slime and place it back down again on the same tile it will stop the slime from feeding. This way you can do all of xenobiology quicker. And all it takes is some micromanaging and multitasking skill.

Subjective opinion. I strongly believe that crossbreeding for reproductive and reusable slime extracts is a waste of time. It’s pretty easy to place 4 baby slimes in a pen and then airdrop 8 monkeys in and then just come back a few minutes later to scoop up the spares. Then with pico manipulatiors (which don’t require mats from lavaland) you can just dump the slimes into the slime processor and pump out like 20 slime extracts per batch.

should probably mention: stabilized purple gives you permanent nonstop health regen as long as it’s in your backpack and stabilized light pink gives you straight up fucking super speed. It’s insane how strong stabilized light pink and stabilized purple are.

Thanks for the feedback i forgot to write the force splitting part of xenobiology.
However i believe that making a factory is better than upgrading the slime processor to lvl 4 because you dont have to rely on the station and also i strongly believe that you are doing xenobiology faster by crossbreeding.

First if you want to get lvl 4 or even lvl 3 you need many research points and most times they quickly get drained by robotics, people who work on nanites etc etc to the point where you get lvl 3 by around 20 - 15 minutes if you are lucky and lvl 4 at around 30 minutes.Now you can make a reproductive grey on the first split if you managed to upgrade the slime processor to lvl 2 in the first 5-6 minutes which 95% of the time you can and that reproductive grey can produce tons of monkey cubes so you wouldnt have problems with feeding the slimes and also you can use the grey extracts to make the reproductive metal in order to make a industrial grey which means that you pretty much have infinite monkey cubes. At worst if you didnt get a dark purple you can just use the metal extract to make plasteel so that you can get the plasma from it and go to the science autolathe and take the plasma from the plasteel and if you get about 30 plasma you have enough for the whole round most of the time

Secondly trying to get slime cores by splitting the slimes takes time and also you put yourself in the hands of the rng gods. If you want to get metal slime extracts you will need to first get some slime stabilizing potion from blue slimes so that you wont wake up that those 3 adult metal slimes split into 6 metal slimes 3 silver slimes and 3 gold slimes. Also if you need to get more slime extracts from different slimes like getting metal slime extracts for materials bluespace slime extracts for bluespace crystals and light pink slime extracts for sentience potion you will have to micromanage the pens a lot of time by staying on that console and making sure that you will harvest the slimes efficiently

Thirdly im pretty damn sure that the time/production ratio is just better if you have a factory. For a slime to split you need about 3-4 minutes to get 4 baby slimes. Now lets say you have a lvl 4 processor and you also managed to stabilize the slimes that you want to breed to harvest their extracts. If you have say 4 adult slimes splitting they will produce 16 offsprings which you will save 4 so that leaves you with 12 offsprings. Now each offsprings will produce 4 extracts so you will get in total 48 slime extracts and im pretty sure that in those 3-4 minutes i can produce 48 slime extracts with a reproductive grey extracts because in the worst case scenario i would have to make about 16 extracts/minute which i can

So basically you can get the factory faster than lvl 4 - lvl 3 upgrades you get more slime extracts/time and you only need to rely on a little bit of rng to get the metal slime. Also while this may not be that important i still believe that this is an argument:
If the xenobiology lab is fucked because there is no power someone destroyed the console xenos are there etc etc a factory can be used anywhere by just grabbing the reproductive extracts industrial grey and the All-In-One Grinder

But in the end everyone has their own opinions also thanks again for the feedback.

get 2 adult greys 1 adult metal… kill the rest of the greys a couple times and duplicate them with plasma and kill them untill you have around 25 cores make the metal and one grey into reproductive and then make the grey adult into an industrial… then if the miners are dead and there is no more plasma make some cubes and feed the repro metal and inject those cores with plasma for plasteel to make more plasma in the lathe at RND. this is the usual basic setup i do.

Man, THANK YOU. I didn’t know about the purple crossbreed plasma farm, I was just feeding monkey extracts and draining my own blood to get more extracts, the grind was unbearable.

Also, I usually try to go for sentient mobs instead of golems, because nothing beats having an honor guard of Blobbernauts and Combat Bears.

Charged yellows are a favourite for me on corg station, grab a bunch and toss them in inducers to hand out to people who are complaining about corg stations power failing AGAIN.

Better yet, put them directly into their APCs.
Also, someone make the BSRPED work on APCs.

Stabilized red does not speed up adamantine armor, nothing does. Except scooters, ride one to negate the speed problem. Also use nanites to negate lazor and boolets

scooters are the best.