Commander Chris Discord Ban Appeal

Discord ID: Commander Chris#8613

Admin Discord ID: Unknown

Ban Type: Discord

Ban Length: Unknown

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): Unknown

Ban Reason: Unknown

Appeal Reason: I am unsure as to why I am banned, I don’t know when it happened or why it happened but if someone could unban me I’d be happy. The menu music is really good and I only found out I was banned because I tried to join the discord to ask for the name of one of the songs I heard at the menu…

Additional Information: N/A

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You’re banned from discord for harassing players and posting some pretty inappropriate things in 6h messages and just in general. Jokes revolving around beastiality and pedophilia to put it into the ballpark. Also frequent vaguely sexist memes.

Your current game-record record shows you play once every few months and seem to cause issues every time you connect. I’m against unbanning and don’t think the community we have on discord is a particularly good fit for your flavor of humor.

Can you show me what I said? I genuinely cannot recall any of this

[Post redacted so thread can be restored]

Mixture of the ones shown at time of your ban and those that were found when researching some of your posts that got lost and weren’t seen.

All of these and even content remotely close to them would warrant being banned from Discord

The above post will be deleted and the thread re-instated as a proper ban appeal after you acknowledge it.

In my opinion it’s been long enough since your ban to let you come on thin ice rules if you have a vouch from another server stating that your behavior doesn’t cross the line.

A lot of these posts are straight up violation of discord TOS. User should remain banned. Further more this is just a matter of quality control in the community.

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Im all for keeping this ban considering how bad the content you posted were, unless you got a incredibly good vouch which proves that you have learned constraint.

I see why i was banned now…

I’m alright with staying banned for now.

Matter resolved