SS13 title music

Not sure if this counts as a peanut, but these were some of the songs that the lobby used to have, before Bee moved back to the default SS13 music.

  • Gorillaz Plastic Beach
  • Gorillaz Fire Flies
  • Electric Light Orchestra Turn To Stone
  • David Bowie StarMan
  • MIKA Relax, Take It Easy
  • Stuck in Sound Let’s Go

These are all I remember, but I believe are all of 'em.


I know all of those ones already, the one I’m talking about had no lyrics, and a real SS13 feel, but I haven’t heard it before, dunno how to explain it but sounded real good.

SS13 Title 1, 2, or 3

Robocop perhaps?

or tintin maybe?

I fucking love title three, but no, It was something else.

bruh I know what you lookin for

also good but not the exact one i heard…

This, maybe?

SS13 Title 1 (Flip-Flap) perhaps?

YES IT WAS THAT. thank you good sir

Glad I could help!


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Title 1 is unironically the best piece ss has

i miss the copyright infringing title songs on bee every day


yo what? plastic beach is gone? but that was the staple of beestation

Bruh what.
How could they do this?