Colorando player report (Accepted)

In-game report:

   CKEY: Not megatron

   Your Discord: Not megatron#9406

   Offender’s CKEY: Colorando

   LRP or MRP server: Sage

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Charles Itilia

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03/04/2020

   Round Number: 13137

   Rules Broken: Rule 1

   Incident Description:

Demands I let him in because I’m growing space weed
Threatens me with desword

I start kicking his ass after my anti-shitcurity trap fails. He sleepypens me. Fuck space law, I AM THE LAW
comp5 I go into crit from bloodloss and succumb
Here he complains about me in LOOC for dying.
Additional Information:
Words fail me. How is this allowed? Earlier in the round I was mocking him over comms which is what I think led to this. I can’t even. I just can’t even.

10/10 Amazing roleplay. I shed a tear

I’m going to get ripped apart for this, but uh… Drugs are illegal and you were growing them. I’ll look more into this when I can later if someone doesn’t beat me to it, but I want to warn you @NotMegatron that this doesn’t look as cut and dry as you seem to think it is.

Edit: Just wanted to amend - I know Ambrosia Deus is grown for omnizine, but is also grown for drugs. You would have to prove the removal of the drugs if questioned by Security on them.

Space law tho

Oooh, didn’t realize that extended to botanists.

MRP now roleplays space law?

It’s not a hard rule, but it’s what I’ve used as a guideline for most of my sec rulings yes. Also the current alert for how aggressively sec can escalate. Delta alert outright says failure to follow orders may result in death, for instance.

Just because it’s a minor crime under space law doesn’t mean he can execute her on the spot, even if she resisted arrest.

Not even like weed or anything, literally Ambrosia Deus which has legitimate use because it contains omzimine.

plant only grown for healing
lol drugs lol valid!!!

absolutely based jannies

I’m aware, but it can still also be grown for drugs. I said what I did without knowing botanists can legally own drugs, because if that were the case then resisting sec would allow for low level escalation/arrest. Certainly not the execution this has been made out to be.

Additionally I have to apologize: I didn’t make time to get to this yesterday. I chilled all night once I had time and forgot about it :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ll have the time tonight in a few hours.

Report Verified and Accepted.

Logs line up with images posted, mostly checked to make sure this wasn’t a case of being presented with selective information.