Colorando/Charles Itilia Job ban Appeal / Banned by bs_sage | RukoFamicom (Denied)

CKEY: Colorando

Admin’s CKEY: bs_sage | RukoFamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Mrp

Ban Type: Job ban from all heads/security

Ban Length: 1 week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 3/6/2020

Round ID: 13137

Ban Reason: Tased, arrested and then murdered botanist for growing Ambrosia Deus and resisting unfounded drug-related arrest

Appeal Reason: Ban is unfounded because i did not cause her death and even gave her all the possible medical attention to prevent her death and followed space law to the dot

Additional Information: Okay so where do I start , I was not chasing this particular botanist on the round because who cares he was another botanist. I went down to botany to ask him to let me in to search for the other botanist , He refuses I leave and come back after receiving a dsword from the warden. He tells me this time I can walk in but has the main door to botany trapped with punji stick , another botanist walks in and steps on the traps rendering them useless and Nancy Druid steps out and proceeds to have a fight with me , and the janitor who in this case should be mentioned is an antag has a sleepy pen and martial arts . He proceeds to pick me up and throw me against the janitor which results into a very close quarters combat in which the antag janitor nearly kills him after picking up my floord stun baton and nearly beating him into crit sleepy pens him without my knowledge and i drag him away. I drag him back to sec and heal him up and have him inside interrogation which at this time He is 100% fine and the lawyer and me have a back and forth about what crimes Nancy did and did not commit. While me and the lawyer are doing our whole whats a crime or whats not Nancy then goes into an unknown coma due to before mentioned blood loss but was in noway dieing from it and succumbs It should also be mentioned that Nancy Druid has committed suicide before in the brig over something as small as a 4 minute cell sentence so this is not the first time she has killed herself to escape the justice of shitcurity. ( I DID NOT DSWORD HER TO DEATH IM NOT THAT MUCH OF A SHITTER). I even had another player IC name - Ismael Pratt who can fucking confirm that I chopped her up with the dsword after the fact she expired (Yeah not a very smart thing to do but it was becoming end of shift and ive never held a dsword or used it). To sum this whole text wall up I did not kill her she either died from internal wounds that were missed after i stopped all her bleeding and fixed her up in the brig medbay , and she had used multiple screenshots and text logs to mislead the admins into banning me and their are multiple witnesses can be brought forward who will confirm at no point while she was alive did I kill and then chop her up before she had already expired. After she had expired and I had my fun abusing the corpse I dragged her to the brig physician and said “You can have the body I dont care what you do with it” Because end of shift so what. Im also gonna be filing a complaint after this whole post is judged because the admins should know better than to just ban off of screenshots and should have gone through all the logs and even gone as far as asking other players who were present for this whole thing.

Link to the post of where she made who ban report - Colorando player report (Accepted)

2020-03-06 09:00:30 | bs_sage | RukoFamicom

High Severity

Banned from Roles: Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Chief Medical Officer, Warden, Detective, Security Officer, Brig Physician for 1 week - Extremely aggressive and power-trippy shitsec behavior - Tased, arrested and then murdered botanist for growing Ambrosia Deus and resisting unfounded drug-related arrest. Week Head/Sec Ban.

Not to mention the escalation to her whole arrest was founded , She threatened she would take me on and resist me at all costs before I even walked down to botany , refused to let me in which is why i escalated to forceful entry due to seeing a LARGE amount of illegal drugs in botany. In the whole process of arresting her she assaulted a head of staff , a janitor , another botanist , resisted arrest , and attempted to use my own weapon against me.

NGL chief. The previous thread linked to does not look good, the screenshots do show you trying to arrest someone for having a Omnizine and lipolicide plant. In addition why would you need a desword and why would you chop them up instead of cloning or hell, even borging them?

Will wait for Ruko to come with the logs they said they looked through already.

Yeah I tried to arrest her over drugs because she was not being helpful in trying to find a botanist who was making threats towards the hos over comms , I was handed the desword by the warden because who else could be trusted other than security , and I never took to cloning because shuttle was already under 5 minutes and there no point so I took the body to the brig physician who more than likely removed the brain and attempted to mmi it to see if cloning/borging was even an option.

i fucking hate when this guy arrests me
but he’s not complete shitsec
it’s only a 1 week ban, i suggest you just wait it out
all ban appeals for 1 day ban appeals get denied, and 1 week bans tend to have a very high denial rate

also also charles this’ll give you an excellent opportunity to do something that isn’t ruining other people’s fun

Yeah im shitsec but i get the job done hand out rightful sentences and follow space law where it permits. I will more than likely wait out the ban but its boring as hell playing anything other than security so i probably wont play for a week. And as for ruining peoples fun most tend to ruin it themselves when a majority of the crimes they commit leads to a 3 minute sentence and snowballs into something bigger which in this case it snowballed from drug possession to multiple assaults over not letting me search the backroom of botany over somebody else. This is about the clear overlooking on admins part and the player who has made a false ban without owning up to what they did and just escaping their sentence like they always do.

So what your telling me is the other player who broke space law and continually commits suicide while under arrest is to be banned here? I may be missing your point please elaborate. + i do not really like to get people banned because its all about the rp and me throwing them into brig for the maximum amount possible.

Botanist are exempt from the drug possession law so they are alowed to grow weed unless the give it to someone outside botany

So you where attempting an unlawfull arrest

Was not attempting to arrest that botanist in the first place , was only using the drugs which were not properly stored as a precursor to enter botany and search for the other mentioned botanist who I was already looking for. The whole thing snowballed and he made the first move of antagonizing himself when he put down punji traps and assaulting other crew in an attempt to get me when he opened the door finally to let me search the back.

That reson was invalid as from what it seams there where being grown inside botany wich is where they are alowed to store them
Would say that the punji sticks where a bit overkill but as you came there with an esword they where seemingly warranted as that is a purely offensive weapon that cant be used to non lethaly subdue someone.
Also they went though the logs to make the ban

Yeah sure my main reason for “attempting” an arrest was invalid from the start , Never said at anypoint I was going to use the esword to harm or break in I only flashed it on then off as an attempt to browbeat the botanist into letting me in, I actually left after I showed the esword because it was clear she wasn’t having it and I never attempted to break in , Nancy called me back and said come on in and opened the door at which point I saw the punji traps and watched a totally innocent botanist walk over them which at that point made Nancy valid for whatever space law warranted. Also if they went through the logs then Nancy should also be banned for totally escalating this from a simple search to multiple antag level crimes. I clearly followed space law and had no intentions of being the hos who just beats the shit out of people and doesn’t even allow the lawyer to have his in. The logs clearly showed I followed procedure to the best of my ability from providing medical attention to taking him and the lawyer into the back to follow up from there

@Aeder @Ruko

Looks like this guy has a history of shittery on other servers

BestRP SS13 Ban Logs for Colorando/(Charles Itilia)
amieDigweed/(Kathur Tu’zhir) perma-jobbanned Colorando/(Charles Itilia) from Captain.
reason: Giving the station to vox?.. Starting bar fights?.. Arresting people for no reason?.. Metgaming, powergaming

Dubbeanh/(Bobby Huxley) perma-jobbanned Colorando/(Charles Itilia) from Chemist.
reason: At the start of the round, his first order of business was to make polytrinic acid as a non-antag. He then tried to knock over the CMO and steal some pill bottle of alkysine or something.
CMO knocked him out with an injection, then woke him up. He then apologizes, and hands the spray bottle of poly acid over for the CMO to clean himself off.

CitationNeeded/(Felix Kiel) perma-jobbanned Colorando/(Charles Itilia) from Head of Security.
CitationNeeded/(Felix Kiel) perma-jobbanned Colorando/(Charles Itilia) from Warden.
CitationNeeded/(Felix Kiel) perma-jobbanned Colorando/(Charles Itilia) from Detective.
itationNeeded/(Felix Kiel) perma-jobbanned Colorando/(Charles Itilia) from Security Officer.
CitationNeeded/(Felix Kiel) perma-jobbanned Colorando/(Charles Itilia) from Blueshield.
reason: As a warden: Completely abandoned the brig from the very moment he arrived, has shot and flashbanged an innocent who was being mauled by a carp, has been running around the station spamming his secmask

Finriv/(Lyra Cas’Ell) perma-jobbanned colorando/(Charles Itilia) from Cyborg.
reason: Griefing as a spiderbot, history of grief

That is a pretty extensive list of bans

Theres more from back when facepunch had servers but they wont give me the logs ;-;

Yeah thanks for pulling up my bans from eden station/facepunch/bestrp from literally years ago when I was a new 15 - 16 year old player who just liked greytiding on low rp servers , you forgot about the bans from colonial where i suicided when I got bored and was job banned. Too bad that really has no merit here because its all just in the past and your grave digging. Im sure you have made some pretty bad mistakes in your gaming history that you do not plan on doing ever again. Plus ive had plenty of opportunities to roll back to my old ways and clearly have not yet and I have no future plans to grief because then I would just run out of good servers to play on.

I mean that’s what is being dealt with and disputed at the moment. Most people have been banned at least once from somewhere. But generally not Several servers several times.
Good chuckle at the apology and handing CMO the acid bottle tho.

Beans from other servers offer a bit of perspective on you as a player. For example if you’re banned for plasma flooding each server you go to and lo and behold you plasma flooded here it’d probably stick harder. However this does seem like general shittery, with a lot of security reports mixed in.

Up to the banning admin and their logs.

I didn’t post the logs but I did already look at them - I did not ban on screenshots alone and the screenshots lined up with the logs. I’ll take another look and compare what you’ve said to them as best as I can (some of your claims can’t be verified one way or another)

But I will tell you what I saw was almost perfectly aligned with what was reported - twisting space law and immediately tasing them once you got into botany. The next interaction you had after the arrest was attacking Nancy with DEsword (didn’t check if they were already dead by this point) but even if they were dead it’s a shit thing to do as HoS given the round hasn’t ended yet; There was still time to clone even with what you said.

Additionally, while we’re here anyway - I saw you had arrested someone for simply disobeying an order you had no place to give, and you completely disregarded the HoP on the matter as well.

Even if I lift this ban after doubling over logs I think you need to reflect on your power-tripping nature and consider how you affect other players in the round negatively. You might end up slapped with a Rule 1 head/sec ban in the future even if I overturn this.

Never twisted space law , never entered into botany because there were once again punji traps in the doorway and I never crossed them just watched a totally different botanist cross over them at which point pushed Nancy into the space between kitchen/botany which at that point gave me immediate cause to take her in for crew assault

Yeah that was a shit move at that point wasn’t even thinking because shuttle was so low and was already tired with trying to rp with someone who doesn’t even wanna deal with security charges and just takes the easy way out and I already knew Nancy liked killing herself in security custody so I was frustrated at that point

Not sure if this is related to this particular incident but we can discuss it in a different thread if it’s really pertinent to my play style

Yeah your right I really do tow the line on security have only been playing on this server for less than a month now after taking a long hiatus from ss13 and still trying to pin down most peoples play styles and adjust how I deal with stuff along the way and I’m already thinking about having random characters while playing security because it always feels like I’m on thin ice with most players when I’m on shift because of how everyone likes to play differently

The only perspective you can take away from my previous bans is that I was a new player trying out a new game at 15 years of age I’m 20 now and have no plans on even doing anything close to what I’m capable of because that shit just gets boring and it really doesn’t interest me anymore. Most people don’t like how I play security because I mirror their attitude in the moment and people just hate being told no and having to deal with the actual consequences that follow their crimes