Codycloak Player Report - Pirate Murderboning

CKEY: Gilgax

Your Discord: Gilgax#1777

Offender’s CKEY: codycloak

Offender’s In-Game Name: Captain Tachyonknot

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (DD-MM-YYYY): 12-12-2022

Round Number: 41766

Rules Broken: 13 Antagonist Conduct/Escalation Policy

Incident Description:
I am yet again quoting this:

During a very hectic hivemind round, as well as a blob fight we were losing, Captain Tachyonknot showed up and started blastin’.

First they shot random people in the hallways while we tried to haul off bodies. Then, while I was extremely close to the blob, about to setup surgery on 3 people, the piarte came in, shot one buck shot in me, I started to run and asked them to stop, they shot me again into crit and left (leaving both me and the people I were trying to revive to get eaten by the blob).

Later on, we decide to bail, I build 2 cyborgs, open up the teleporter to lavaland and tell survivors to come. A bit later, pirate captain shows up and, again, just starts blasting. Well equipped crew dispatched of him, and I managed to heal the people he put into crit, including an SSD janitor.

They, at the end, had this:

I am not sure about the participation of the other pirates, since I didn’t see them. But they left with 6000 credits. Not sure what they did with the materials they removed from the ore silo. Or the IDs of the people they killed. Or the budgets that were sitting unattended in offices.

TLDR: Pirate kill 4 no raisin >:(


I had also noticed it had seemed the captain in question was taking the bodies over to the blob, seemingly feeding the blob. Also kudzu broke out at some point but I’m not sure if that was pirates or just very poorly timed and located random event.


Oh yeah, we had space vines earlier near robotics! Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence…

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It was a coincidence. I was dead at that time, and saw the D-Chat: Spacevines have been randomly triggered announcement… Went searching all around the station for them before realizing they were in the absolute worst spot for that…

Then got eaten by the same vines in surgery later. Sad day.


Turns out they’re a serial griefer across multiple servers.

Report Processed