Marvintheparanoidandroid42 player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Rukofamicom

Your Discord: Ruko#7940

Offender’s CKEY: Marvintheparanoidandroid42

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12-12-2022

Round Number: 41766

Rules Broken: Rule 14: 14 Metagaming and Meta-communications

Incident Description: Players are not allowed to use information gained in any way other than from their living character’s point of view during an ongoing round. The player in question saw a random event notification while they were dead and then used that dead knowledge to hunt down the threat when they were revived before they could have known about it.

Additional Information: It is pretty unlikely other players had their experience harmed in this case - I’m only reporting it because the person in question is a mentor and it’s somewhat worrying to see any level of abuse of meta-information by a mentor given their access to sensitive round information via mhelp questions.



Well, that’s concerning.

Oh, sorry. Poor phrasing on my part in that report because I didn’t want to be overly verbose and pedantic. I was dead from the massive blob threat, and was floating around watching the blob and all that was occurring. If I recall (since this a while ago now), someone also commented on the vines but couldn’t find them. I didn’t search them out immediately, it was more of a “hey, I thought I saw a SV popup, but haven’t heard anything, probably because of the blob. How are the vines doing?” I didn’t see the vines, so was confused, before seeing them in the RD maints between med and RND in Pubby.

My body was much later recovered, took a while to be revived (I think I was being revived with 3 other people in surgery), and was almost immediately taken down by a blobbernaut that broke in because the blob was on the medical side of Pubby before I could get my gear on.

The vines spawned on the other side, and what I meant by “was eaten by them” was that the vines broke into the surgery room as I laid dead. Mostly a joke, referencing the epic battle between the vines and the blob in that round.

Would have never went and hunted the vines until they were revealed either way, even if my body had been recovered. I never use Meta-information in that way.

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Glad to hear it was just a misunderstanding, I suppose the thread can be closed.

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No worries, I’d rather be people watching for that, (and overly sensitive), because people shouldn’t use the dead chat things to hunt down le antag.

I just screwed up my wording. Thanks for keeping me honest.

Closing at request

Report Rejected