Citizens of BeeStation, what is something you love a map includes that makes your job so much easier and miss/hate that it isnt on other maps?

I hate that mechs are 98% exclusive to Robotics. The other 2% being from mining and Cargo orders. Wish there was at least one somewhat equiped mech available at round start.


A few maps put a beacon in the Experimentor room but maps such as Meta lack those.

the flandstation stray lightswitch button floating in midair in the hallways east of showroom. this is essential to all stations.


rad starts with like, six grey slimes instead of two or three, and it makes xenobiology so much more consistent. it’s great.

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Some stations do not have express delivery system option for cargo. One of these violators are corgstation.

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i cannot mention my favourite lest it be patched (You can just walk into science on Box as QM)


Security posts are kind of incosistent,
Sometimes you have an suit sensors monitor console, an universal camera console and a sec records console which is great,
Other times you have a limited camera console where you can only watch that department cams which does not encourage people to stay in their designated department, it encourages them to stay in brig and watch the cams there since brig is more complete to watch cameras over your regular checkpoint WHICH you are stupposed to stay.


I like restrictive cameras. You’re in a department to watch over it, not to do the Wardens job outside of the Brig.

well if every sec checkpoint had the same utilities I wouldn’t complain

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What is the bare minimal? Without taking the Wardens’ job.

well a restrictive camera console,

They don’t need a security locker since brig tends to be a hotspot for gearing up

Records console I don’t know but my experience in sec usually involves only warden updating them since officers forget.

Maybe a chair, maybe not, if he wants an chair he better fetch it himself I guess.
If you want to be funny don’t even put floortiles like the sec checkpoint is an afterthought.

a weapon recharger there I guess.

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This is more so because it fits and allows antags to listen in on Security.

To my knowledge this bare minimum is fufilled by all Security outpost.

I miss how Pubby had a little garden that I (a botanist main) could steal a beekeeping set from.
I also like how certain stations have 2 seed vending machines. 2x the chances of fun reagents from strange seeds.


Basically every map has messed up the turbine room. PLEASE put the turbine room somewhat close to the main yellow mixing pipes and PLEASE make the room have a good amount space to place out machinery and pipes, also PLEASE have a separate air alarm for the turbine chamber and place it close to the mixing chamber. PLEASE also do as on rad and have good amount of space for mixing chambers and other projects, having to uproot pipes that aren’t being used is really annoying and difficult.

Also, I’ve never seen this on any other map or server, but consider having a secondary mixing pipe for all the gases. Having your only pipe being occupied by the burn mix is pretty limiting.

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To this day I don’t remember map names. I just never bothered. Here’s two things, one which I love and one which I hate.

One of the stations has a full toolbox in botany. I think it used to have a charger too. Actually giving the job what it needs instead of having the botanists have to buy or print tools roundstart.

On the other side, inconsistent cargo access. One time i rescued a doctor from lavaland, gave him the miner id upgrade, and watched as he was able to open the mining door but unable to leave cargo. This was only an issue on one map, similar things happened on others and it was fine. Likewise, on another map, miners do not have actual cargo bay access. So I can’t even sell what I find on lavaland without annoying a cargo tech? lol…

Box Station Cargo.

I really liked pubby, why did we drop it

I love when maps provide brig phys with iv drip and no blood bags
Doctors blood type doesnt match yours? Guess youre outta luck


I forget the name of the station (I believe it’s Deltastation), but it has a cargo shuttle with a conveyor that takes the crates to the back of the shuttle. It’s a GODSEND since you dont have to manually pull the crates around since they block eachother. (It makes the conveyor useless)

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