Circuits Guide: 9Bang / Rapid Multi Detonation Grenade Sub routine

This is a circuit which will detonate a grenade repeatedly. I included the standalone stuff, but you could potentially add this to a larger circuit as a routine executed under conditions.

This can function as a consecutive flashbang(Similar to IRL Equivalent of 9 Bang), or just about any other thing you would want a multiuse grenade for to be detonated automatically.

As a note, this device is made assuming you have an advanced release grenade. Grenade tutorial will not be included.

This is a fairly simple, straightforward, and functional assembly, as such, no code will be included.

Required components:
1x Tesla Array, to keep it powered.
1x Toggle Button, functions as a safety. This is not required if making a multi-det grenade as a subroutine. When making the subroutine, wire the condition as if it were the toggle.
1x Custom Delay Timer, to repeatedly check when safety is activated or not.
1x AND Gate, to check if button is toggled.
1x Grenade Primer, holds and primes the grenade.

1: Toggle Button Boolean Output to AND Gate Input
2: Pre-load second AND Gate Input with appropriate value to meet the pulse condition when button is toggled on
3: Custom Delay Timer, set delay to 10*grenade timer+primer delay
4: Wire custom Delay Timer Pulse pin to compare pin on AND gate
5: Wire Pulse on Result for expected Toggled Result to the Prime Grenade Pulse
6: Set primer delay to desired value
7: Make and add grenade
8: Click on interact under the grenade primer to get the grenade referenced.

Wear protection to protect from payload, if desired.
Disable Safety
Throw/drop in desire place for detonation
Pick up and Enable safety for retrieval OR wait for grenade to expire.