Circuit cloning was grudge coded out lmao

i’m waiting for when they apply the same logic from circuits to other systems. have fun with chemistry removed because “oh bomb can keel ppl it’s not like that’s part of the game” or if someone finds an exploit that allows them to duplicate items by deep frying them or something then “well lets just remove all the dupable items so the bug is gone”

By the sound of it it’s more about the exploits crashing the server.

Could we set up a code bounty for circuit exploits or would that cost too much?

Chemistry is well logged, well developed, and highly integrated into the rest of the games.

Circuits have none of these qualities. Don’t stir shit.

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then fix it :flushed:

i’ve literally never seen a killbot it’s not like we have no time to do coding

Do it your fucking self. Nobody else on the team wants to.

i am but people are coding it out faster than i can fix


Because we don’t care to fix them

You are free to do as you wish, we are too. You do not get to order us to fix, add, remove, change, rework, anything.

Contributions and feedback are accepted, on our terms.

and the amount of people who actually play this server are decided on their terms

i don’t think you understand not only the short term consequences of this action but also what it shows about coding philosophy in general. if every bug warrants a removal, players won’t stick around for long.

Not every bug does. A large amount of bugs, some of which are being intentionally kept from us, in a system meant to be assembled in an essentially infinite number of ways, that provides a questionable value, does.

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Hi, just wanna say I’m a little disappointed my automatic healcircuits won’t work anymore. They were gonna inject just the right amount of meds an drag you to medbay, mapping was supposed to work over ntnet with other “netcode”. Also the hydroponics drones that were gonna automatically take care of plants with chems. I’ve just gotten back into circuits but those were my projects. Talking about “not useful”.

Well, since you need bombs to make circuits. Why not make chem dispenser boards less accessible? Or make instant cloning it’s own later game research node, since it’s not possible to spam complex stuff early. Or higher energy costs of possibly dangerous circuit parts? A limitation on hypo in circuits was a step towards the right direction. But this pr was just lazy as fuck.

Grenade primer is a useless feature that noone used anyway, so not sad about that. But weird removing it under the premise it’s dangerous. Mind you, you need to make grenades first - how much more dangerous can a circuit make it? Alternatively you can literally just attach the grenade to a signaler in no time and then just trap the wizard.

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I mean… technically

but that’s kind of lazy and requires you to be knowledgeable about circuits and doesn’t show degree. It should literally be sprites compatible with in-hand sprites so you can see “holy shit that robot has a lot of guns.” Bomb circuits just need something showing off a mixing chamber on top of the sprite with perhaps some sort of beaker-ish design, that way you can tell exactly what it is.

I mean that’s more just about how copy paste is a crutch

circuits don’t integrate into rounds

(if it were more popular you could have a circuit guy do that stuff but yeah, not gonna happen lmao)

Everyone has removed them except the HRP servers

And aurora’s got the ancient ass implementation without cloning, so that really only leaves bay.
And no one plays science on baystation so there’s no one to abuse it

Time to start a PR to remove the changes

Already exists.



Yes and no, I’ve tried working with making hunter killer drones that use this. Not useless but this should maybe be behind illegal tech, emagging the printer, or possibly behind one of the advanced grenade technologies. Especially considering if you really want to, can create a circuit to chain stun people with an advanced release flashbang for whatever reason.

As for other parts of circuits, they are a pain to produce(because their UI sucks), they are either a trivial gadget nobody notices, something that benefits only you, unfun weird deathbots.

or an experimental circuit which winds up accidentally blinding yourself and a coworker who walked into the room you were testing in for a solid minute.

move circuits to xenobio, that’d make them balanced.


Yes metal crossbreeds make circuit components
Flawless Speedmerge now


In permanently delet world?

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