Circuit cloning was grudge coded out lmao

Mother fucker, it literally takes an entire shift 2 hour shift to get a simple blood extracting/injecting circuit to run, and you sneak in a PR that removes circuit cloning?


yo hold up what

removing cloning is the (second) dumbest thing i’ve heard of relating to circuits. imagine if chemist recipes were randomized and chemists just had to spend the entire round just placing random chems in a beaker to see if it reacts, heating it up to see if it’s heat based and hoping that it’s not meth or some shit

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I literally just finished a part of my grand circuit, and figuring it out took me a solid 10 hours lmao

i was gonna compile and test my circuit pr really quick and then get around to that automatic mining bot that would fix the “no mats” problem every lowpop round falls into

guess there’s no point, sad

What was your circuit PR? And who did this PR anyways?

basically, all the really strong components (for now just grenade primer and the gun thingy but i was gonna add, readd, and revert components that would also need it) would require an “unlocked” circuit printer. to unlock it you would have to use a keycard with bridge access on it

Why not just remove the grenade primer instead of removing cloning? That’s literally one thing that can ONLY be used for harm.

not true, cleaner nades, mining nades, metal foam nades, etc


You can put 30u water with hypo into a beaker with 30u potass and it still bombs tbf, but this is just cringe xd

They see circuits as “outdated” and not as popular as xenobio, so they have no issue with taking out what makes it usable because there won’t be that much backlash. Bastards.

Id be perfectly fine with them gutting curcuits if the goal of whoever is the team was to achieve balance.

Xenobio exists though. Which tells me that they are just anti fun dicks.

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BeeStation 13 Changelog

  • Removed chemistry and grenade functionality from circuits to prevent bomb drones

Unless its not in the changelog. Cloning was not removed.

it was, i checked myself

add circuit cloning back in right this fucking second or i swear to god i will hack into github and dew it myself

Then i guess its not in the changelog.

ALL the chemistry tab was removed???



Newsflash: everything gets fucked.

New slime breeds added.


Next circuit update will be removing the handheld printer, and it’ll be a stationary machine that requires 10 T4 parts of each type, that breaks after 10 prints


I would actually be ok with it being an stationary machine since it doesnt fit in fucking anything but a BOH anyway.

Oo. Which ones?