Carlospaul permanently banned by haliris

CKEY: Carlospaul

Admin’s CKEY: haliris

Ban Type: Sticky ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2023-02-25 23:07:20

Round ID: 42896

Ban Reason: “Linked to several grieffing accounts. Appeal on the forum to explain if this is a mistake.”

Appeal Reason: I do not grief servers. Someone is spoofing their IP to look like mine. False ban.

Additional Information: Same thing happened here: Carlospaul permanently banned by Not_a_Shark

Spoofing IP isn’t something people can do without having direct access to your network.

I do remember carlospaul2 was a fake account that was made by someone impersonating you on purpose, but I doubt that is what was being referenced here. (Just throwing this in because I doubt there’s still an archive of that conversation when it happened)

Some body is impersonating me all the same

Ruko is correct, they’re much more likely spoofing your HWID or some byond cookie or another. You can’t fake an IP

Can an admin unban me already

Its been 2 weeks


Alright, first off, apologies for the delay. This is one task that got lost along the way in my backlog and forgot to properly resolve.

After looking into it further, I’ve decided to lift this ban, and to properly write down what’s going on with your account on your record.

Thank you for your patience, it’s been decided to give you an antag token as compensation for my mistake here.

Appeal Accepted

As an additional note for anybody reading this, try to appeal your ban immediately when it has been wrongly applied like this, even if you don’t plan on playing. Saves some time staff would have to dig less to find back the circumstances of the ban and what no.

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