Cap mrp population at 50

MRPlayers complain it turned into lrp but worse while lrp is constantly low-pop.
TG has it capped at 50 and I guess it works?
You also could cap it at 50 and open another mrp server?




how about i bust 50 caps in your ass instead


no erp

the player cap is not the issue, its the people who complain about MRP being MRP and not LRP but still play on MRP anyway


Harsher bans for powergaming?

Bye random assistant with sec gear, flash and circular saw.
Bye quartermaster with his own armory next to his tesla.
Bye crewsimov borg harmbattoning becase “they tator yo”.

Go to LRP. Learn to wield the fire extinguisher.

This is already bannable.

what’s wrong with cargo tesla yo

I’m not sure if you are joking or not, but other than building a tesla in cargo, all of the above are decided to be administrated better on MRP, since they do in fact go against the actual rules set up there.

Hnnnngh that would mean even more mrpfugees on lrp.

Just start giving out mrp specific bans to the serial tiders on there

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All the MRPeople who go to LRP get bullied. Especially the admins who think LRP has MRP rules. Or the people complaining in ooc “dO pEoPLE juST RanDOmLY KIll YoU iN BeeSTAtion Or iS that JuST ME?”

dont play LRP if you want MRP experience. if you want to TRY lrp, don’t complain when you get validhunted.

“LRP is literally TTT with extra steps” - some genius



MRP is superior if you wanna play as a spessmen on a spesssation. LRP is superior if you want to grab the nearest fire extinguisher and CLICK SPESSMEN TILL HORIZONTAL DURRR.

I would argue with you but I don’t want retards like you to join lrp. Stay on mrp, it’s ‘superior’


Imagine fighting people with an extinguisher


Nah, cap is fine where it is. I believe the cap is about how many available roles there are? If not, it should be that plus ten or so for ghost roles, pAI’s, etc.
Yes, Sage is LRP. The only thing that’s going to change that is admin enforcement and prioritizing of RP RAW. Changing the cap wouldn’t do much of anything.

The reason that there’s a cap on sage is because too many players on makes it hard to enforce some sort of MRP.

Yep, not arguing against the cap at all - like I said, I think it’s fine where it is.
I was all revved up for a tl;dr on RP enforcement, but I’m making a General thread that covers that shortly.

why, the ammount of players makes it more fun and dynamic.
LRP used to have 120 people and boy it was fun.

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Sure sounds good. Let’s name the PR “Operation Enduring Clusterfuck’”!

I wonder who suggested it first :flushed: