Cap mrp population at 50

I suggested that first

Remove MRP :flushed:

Remove both servers
Embrace golden 2


Me, just not on the forums lol

And we even got it at 40 where the population is too low to attract the worst of the problem players, but high enough the station is staffed well.

Also potentially low enough that we won’t be able to retain players now since we will consistently be too low for newer players to find us… So y’know it’s not all roses as happy as I am to see Sage capped at my ideal population window.

Necro bad. :angry: Good jannies have been summoned.

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Friendly reminder that LRP was superior to MRP in every way possible in the past.

A whitelist for MRP again wouldn’t be the worst idea actually, it worked pretty great for when Cross was just opening it.
And the uh… LRP rules should be tweaked just a bit so it would be as fun as it was before, not some extravaganza of local guy#525 murderbones the crew again for the 45th time in a row as a traitor with the same gimmick, boasting how robust he is and how shit everyone else is.

you didn’t read rules, did you?

I haven’t read them since I stopped playing.

Ya know /tg/ has like 4ish servers, to which why they can just cap sever populations the lowest being 60.
Capping Sage at 40 is pretty smoothbrained NGL. That just means the stations gonna feel deserted and being forced to play on Corg.

pretty sure the servers only got capped temporarily because crossed’s server box was thermal throttling, though i’d be all for capping sage at 50

I mean if that’s the reason then I guess my previous statement is null.

That is the reason, read there: