Candy mentor applic

Your CKEY: candycaneannihalator (yes annihalator is misspelled)

Your Discord: CandyCaneAnniahlator(etherware2)#7093

How long have you been playing ss13?: 155h on bee, 270~ on tgbasil, about 10-11 months overall

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: daniel cola/yobrocharlie

Game Experience (More Detailed): dabbled in about every department some, specializes in science besides toxins, can set up a supermatter with a 90% success rate, good at talking to people, understands the general concept of most antags/subjects and how they work even if ive never…actually played them or greentexted once


Decent amount of hours, I’ve seen you post some pr’s on git hub so you definitely care about the game, but can you answer me riddles!! (They’re just more to see how you think when answering, it’s okay if you get them wrong, or if you have to look up the answer) Pretend you’re the only mentor online when these mhelps come in:

  1. Hey, I’m a mining robot, how do I unload the ores in my satchel into the orm?
  2. Is this server lrp, mrp or hrp?
  3. I’m a changeling headspider, how do I regen back to normal?

Oh also, if you can, don’t forget to post your tracked playtime in the OOC tab, with the job hours and what not!

hihi sorry i was busy,

  1. stand behind the orm, pull out the mining satchel item. select it with 1, 2, or 3 depending on the inventory slot then hit z.
  2. mrp, try to stay in character
  3. (( i have never played changeling )) i think if you use the icon you used to enter that form, it should revert?

i cant embed pictures

Posting Candy’s playtime because they can’t.
On Bee :

On TG :

hello i just got two.
1.someone is ahelping thats after they conencted all the wires and set up the SMES the solars are still not producing power and are asking if they missed something.
2. someone Mhelps and ask where to find the secret documents for the objective.

  1. Is it possible to me to get a virus as an oozeling?

  2. How do i revive this plasma man?

  3. How do i hack things?

Great answer! The ORM drop off spot is sometimes different and it might not be behind it, but it’s usually marked off btw.

Well first off, beestation rebranded to just rp, but at the same time, mentors aren’t supposed to answer rules related questions (which rp levels kinda are), even if the answer is obvious, you should them to ahelp (and that admins are something stealthy).

Changeling headcrabs actually have to bite a dead human body. It will infect that body with an egg (like a xeno), and kills the head spider. After a moment, the changeling will be revived and burst out of the dead human as a monkey. Also, while the wiki isn’t 100% reliable, it’s still pretty good and you can often look up alot of answers there: Changeling - BeeStation Wiki

Hours are decent and the answers were alright. I am a bit worried with you not even playing antagonists, since a great chunk of the questions we get are actually antag related. For these reasons I’ll give you a +2π a +0.5. Considering mentor apps usually take a while, I wouldn’t mind bumping it up to a +1 if you get a few more hours in or play some more antag :b


  1. on the solar control console, theres a button to scan for new hardware, try that?
  2. vault, in the filing cabinets


  1. yes, the only species with natural iimmunity is the ipcs, and its not 100%.
  2. you need to make sure that they are under a constant stream of water as to not combust. you will also need to surgically implant a heart. other than that, revive as you would a human
  3. it depends on the thing you’re trying to hack. for most machinery, you will need a screwdriver to open up a panel, and a screwdriver and or multitool for manipulating wires. remember that each wire has a different affect, some are dangerous and can shock you, and each machine randomizes the colors. if you’re a traitor, one surefire way to hack almost anything is by bying a “cryptographic card”, or emag device. just be careful not to get caught!

Might be worth noting the use of inorganic biology just in case!

Yeah i believe buckling them to a stasis bed also prevents fires

I like it

+1 here

  1. My Gygax is out of power and it won’t move! How do I recharge it?
  2. How do I speak on the Aliend Hivemind channel as a xenomorph?
  3. This clown just slipped me and stole my shoes, can I toolbox him to death to get them back?
  1. ask engineering or science for an inducer, they are usually happy to supply one. you then “shoot” the gygax with the inducer to recharge it. once you get it moving again, i’d reccomend going to robotics’, as they have some proper mech rechargers
  2. it works similarly to your standard department channels. start a message with :a or .a to speak on the hivemind.
  3. unfortunately no, standard escalation rules still apply. shoes are very easy to replace, however! you can usually find some replacements in the generic autodrobe in dorms. for more job-specific shoes, such as the engineer’s work boots, you can get another pair from your job’s vending machine in your workplace.
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  1. Correct!
  2. Correct too!
  3. Bit of a trick question, things like these should be ahelped instead.
    Decent amount of hours in total and good answers so I’ll +1.

ah i wasnt sure if it was a trick question… in a real game would just replying with the shoes part and also telling them to ahelp be acceptable?

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Yep, seems like a good course of action.

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  1. can I murderbone

  2. How do I remove nanites am dying help

  1. Please reffer to ahelp for this question. It can be accessed by hitting F1 or by using the adminhelp verb. Please note even if it says no admins are online, they may be admin ghosting and are still available to help.
  2. Nanites are quite tricky to remove. The only way i know of is by reentering the public tube you used to get the nanites.

So due to real world events i will be unable to respond until October 3rd. Please feel free to continue submitting questions! I’ll get to them as soon as I can

  1. Yep

  2. A public nanite chamber just gives you nanites, the best way to revive them is to go into science and have someone remove them from you via the nanite tube in there.

Eh, sure, have a +1


Apologies for this wall of text… it’s late and they left me logged into the comms console… As a staff member of Beestation, you are held to a higher standard of behavior in game, on the forums, and on the Discord, especially in the questions area. You are answering questions that people have, and behavior/text comes across much differently than it does verbally.

I’d like to bring up this interaction that happened yesterday, that I just got around to seeing.

Note: Imhotep’s answer is also technically right, but not very useful to a player. If you are going to attempt to answer someone’s question, you need to try to answer it. One of the toxins guides on the forums would have been an easy answer. Someone asks a logical question, and the only answer for a while is “Yes, I know” which comes across as condescending because you haven’t told them anything except that you know for a well worded question.

Furthermore, slightly down the thread, you seem to express confusion at Toxins, which is one of those departments which people will ask you a decent amount of questions on, because people like big booms and it can be very confusing. If you were confused about toxins, why did you say you were knowledgeable?

If someone were to MHelp you with a question that gives you enough quality to point them at a forum guide or the wiki page, you should try to answer in a useful manner (“Help!” is not a good question, but “How do I setup Nanites” would get enough info to pass on a forum post or the wiki. Always asking for clarification is okay. “Help!” “I can’t see you or track you as a mentor, what is wrong? You’ll need to be specific in text.”). If mentors aren’t helpful, people are not going to use the MHelp system, and then what purpose do we serve?

Overall, most of your answers are correct enough to be a mentor, but you should probably clean up your discord act. For your correct answers (and many PRs), plus, but for the Discord behaviors, slightly larger minus, evening out to a
I’d change this after seeing some better Discord behavior.

Sorry if this sounds crass. It’s the technical writing side coming out. Very logical, clean, devoid of emotion that could be seen as trying to persuade. If you don’t get in, work on your discord presence, and then re-apply. I swear I’m not this monotone and crass in real life! Totally not an Asimov Lawed AI… Plus, with all the PRs and such, you have enough on your plate. You don’t have to do everything, or you will burn out. Take it from a burnout pro.

Total: 2.5