Caecilius forum over escalation

In-game misconduct:

Title: [Offender’s CKEY]  Caecilius
CKEY: jellicoDace

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY:Caecilius

LRP or MRP server: forum

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03-18-2020

Round Number:

Rules Broken (if relevant): over escalation

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): over escalation 

Incident Description: decided to lock a forum topic put forth for non-consequential discussion for mentioning game balence physics. possible prejudice against balance discussions.

Additional Information: "dagger damage" is 20 damage. 20 damage is enough to get the job done, but not enough to be deadly. 25 damage is not much more.

dear god
why… why are we still here?
just to… suffer…?

ok, in order to not get banned for shitposting, i offer this

can you actually get a FORUM RULE broken and ADMIN CONDUCT portion broken, and perhaps have you tried directly messaging cae on discord or through the forum PM system to find out why he closed it? cae isn’t shit, Unlike some people and isn’t a shitmin, shouldn’t be treated like one


honestly I see this as operating procedure. so I’m going along with it. here I am, I have words to speak. there is a forum where we can have intelligent discussions, and we should use it.

I can only base how things are supposed to be by how y’all choose to act. and this is how we acting.

fighterslam with the real questions, credit given where credit is due. good shot kid.

here is the problem with your ideas:
you want everything TOO REALISTIC.
that is impossible, boring and no one likes that. “hey let’s give more power to attacking with a piece of wood so assistants can get security” NO
your ideas are not BAD at all, the problem is, this is ss13. this is not realistic, your ideas can be valuable for other games, but not here.

You’re right, there is a place for you to post your suggestions and have intelligent conversations about them. The problem is, no matter how many people tell you that you’re wrong, you insist you aren’t.

At this point it’s hard to tell if you’re even serious about them, or just doing them to bait others into an argument since you have no intentions of listening to input if it disagrees with you. That’s not intelligent discussion

I feel like I am being misunderstood, I feel that the number values of items generaly obtainable by the general populace are low. I am open to talk about the numbers, but there needs to be some sort of option for the people if the guys who are supposed to stop the bad guys get eaten by changlings. spears honestly don’t do enough damage, by a little bit. and could do more when thrown.

I said once that everything should do five more damage. five damage is a lot, and most items would indeed be overpowered if you just flat added five damage. this is an emergency fix to the problem, it was my gut instinct, and I still feel that its true.

there are a lot of items that deal 15 damage, the lit welder, the circular saw, . . . . . . . the captain’s saber . . . .(twitch), rambling a little bit but this is the max damage that you can get your hands on, and its not enough.

I want to mention “dagger damage.” I’m not referring to the damage that a knife or dagger can deal. this damage of 20 is “enough to be dangerous, without being deadly.” its a special number and I would like to see it a bit more.

it is my opinion that the captains saber should deal as much damage as a normal sword, 30. If I could have my way I would limit blocking/ deflecting to 40% for a weapon, and 60% for a shield. this block chance would give a decided advantage to the defender in a strait engagement, without being overwhelming. deflection is overpowered, and an energy shield deflecting even a singly shot back is game ending. going to mention shield pushing again. because someone likes that idea, and so do I.

in b4 spears do 18 damage 20 when thrown. spears are great but you cant store them on your person without losing your bag. and that is huge when you are trying to navigate a burning spaced station.


For god sake just make a PR or take the L


to mention the club idea, 15 damage is a number, its just a really bad one. two wood for a weapon that does as much as a circular saw and cant fit in bags is honestly a fair price.

…Well fuck

well oh god oh fuck these dumbasses are trying to use the high numbers, the ones that are based on two hit KO. I’ve mentioned that these numbers are probably too high, and are more of a “lets look at all the numbers” kind of thing.

hell in the first post of the first melee balance thread there are lower numbers. and those lower numbers are far more in line with what people find acceptable. 30 damage swords is not a new or crazy thing. also swords are rare, even more rare if, if and when the damage gets boosted, we go ahead and remove the eSword from the traitor gear list. (it remains an op wep) with the boosted damage a eDagger deals 25 damage. you wont need a sword. the eSword is giant and obvious anyway. costs 5 tc. especialy with the changes to carp this balences very well. carp is far better for brute forcing a situation while a eDaggure and a sketchin pistol will allow you to still afford some fun stuff.

I am in an absolute fucking panic, I cant log in to shitty fucking email to register with GitHub, so I fucking shitting cant downvote the change. great.

you uhh downvote it in the discord, my guy. the pr player input

I dont think I want to know what discord is. its sounds like a way to be “close” and “chatty.” I don’t like ppl :c

Late reply, but if you make the same thread over and over again and get the same replies it’s not really prejudice if the post gets locked. Other Head Admins can re-open this report if they believe otherwise.