"Bugged" Supermatter - Here's how to fix it

These are bad.

These are good.

Any questions?

Ignore guides telling you to expand the range on the scrubbers. They have become MUCH more powerful since the auxmos update and easily overpower inflowing gas resulting in runaway fires that then manage to overwhelm the scrubbers.

I will begrudgingly say that, while I don’t think this is the primary issue, this is a solution worth considering.


Thats all you are getting out of me, beestation deep state.


fuck this new thing it’s ruining all the fun sm setups honestly

hopefully it’s just the expanded being fucky wucky

Cool, is the wiki updated?
Cause this thread won’t reach 99% of people.
I’d do it myself but I’m at work

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Thanks for this, very useful info and would fully explain why the coolant gas drops from the SM which causes it to delam.

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Add more coolant to the loop lmao?

Seen the same thing happen with a pressure build, with high amounts of gas.

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It’s worth noting that there is still one persistent “bug” that even this won’t guarantee to help (but it will still be better)

If the server is overloaded to the point of excessive lag, atmos will cease to process and properly mix/flow. Unfortunately when that happens, the SM does not stop and will continue adding gas to its own tile that doesn’t flow out of it. There’s been a proposal to hook the SM into atmos and pause it if atmos isn’t processing.

That said, this isn’t always what has been causing the SM to bug out - if using an RCD under the SM to remove and replace the floor helps, then atmos isn’t paused and the guide still applies. If using an RCD doesn’t help and the SM immediately reignites after replacing the floor, atmos is paused and there is legitimately nothing you can do right now.

Fairly certain you can somewhat get around it by putting a vent under the SM and using scrubbers on the dreaded expanded range option.
And if anything else fails, spacing the SM will give a good delay to the delam and drastically decrease the resulting boom.

I personally witnessed this fail, and that’s actually what got me looking into the issue. I was observing, expecting them to RCD under the tile and replace the floor… and they did, but it immediately re-ignited after replacing it. They followed up by doing the vent trick and it also failed. After this point they gave up.

Huh, it’s evolving…

This tip didn’t work just now on Metastation. The SM only started to stabilise after we overfilled the loop with N2 and set the Air alarm to siphoning expanded range.

To be fair, I was running my CO2 Supermatter setup as seen here. It might just require that the scrubbers are maxed out to not catch fire.
Also, in the attempt to save it, I think that the others there might have actually been making it worse.
Someone kept changing my filter settings so we were losing the Pluoxium, someone set the vents back to external 101 kPa instead of internal 0 kPa, and the scrubbers were set back to the default scrubbing settings instead of siphoning.
Eventually I got it stabilized by turning off the CO2, setting it back to Nitrogen, and dumping more canisters of Nitrogen into it. Then once it was stable, I just set it back to the way I do it in the guide and it was fine for the rest of the shift.

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Your two-filter part of the pipenet is your handicap here. Convert it into a layered setup and you will see a massive improvement.

I’ve done that.
It makes the EER go down.

Your co2 should stay between 83-91 percent whilst using a primary and auxiliary cooling system, any less co2, and EER will drop in advanced setups

If your SM suddenly starts delamming for no reason with nothing in the entire setup being touched >1h into the round for seemingly no reason, you should just aHelp to get the SM replaced to solve this issue. Nothing you will do will stave off the inevitable boom.

I’ve had this issue before, and I blanketed the entire space between engi and AI sat in radiators, injected N2 continuously from atmos, and nothing had any effect on the SM resetting itself to being 4000K hot and on fire with 90% O2 every SM tick.

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This will settle once and for all whether it truly is atmos pauses causing the bug.

Just a slight question. If atmos paused the SM will it make rads for the rad collectors? I’m assuming no.

Edit - i just read the github I should have just read it before asking something.

Can still answer it for others - no it would not. That is already intended to be happening too to some degree.