Beecoin Shop Races

Races may or may not be removed from the round-start list and will have to be purchased from the Beecoin Shop sometime soon.

The three available races at round-start, for new players at least, will be Human, Lizard, and Ethereals since they don’t differ as much as Plasmamen, IPCs, or Moths do.

This can be found here on the GitHub.

However, the races WILL need prices, and reasonable ones at that.

Here is where you can suggest prices for the races. I think the minimum should be at least 2,000 BCs since most of the clothing items are 1,000 BCs.

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how much felinids gonna cost tho

That’s why I made this post, so the community can discuss how much each race should cost

EDIT TO REMOVE FILTH: For real though I think 2k takes long enough to accrue that it’s a good milestone per race bought

wait until I get 10k coins then before merging it, so I can buy everything felinid related

My list goes as this:

Main Races

Felinids - 10,000 BCs
Plasmaman - 4,500 BCs
Squid - 4,000 BCs
Moth - 3,250 BCs
IPCs - 2,500 BCs
Fly People - 1,000 BCs

Other Races that may or may not be added since 6 races still feels too low to me.

Slime - 30,000 BCs
Zombie - 25,000 BCs
Skeleton 20,000 BCs
Jelly - 12,000 BCs
Golem - 2,750
Pod - 1,750

Edit: For reference as to why some prices are so high.

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Jelly as a roundstart race seems kinda dumb imo

Slime people and Jelly people differ by a LOT

all of those in the “other” are superior to humans, even pod. don’t

make felinids cost waaaaaaay more. make flies and moths cost less. make squid very low or very high, ya know?

tfw 10k for felinids just because they’re degenerate-prone

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When I saw the PR before this post I was fairly skeptical as I thought prices for mainly cosmetic and RP based races were gonna be bullshit like 10k, this actually seems to add a nice feel of progression. As well it slows down my progression into maximum immersion into my moff character by slowing down the rate at which I get the pet collar

Explain to me again why moths, squids, and felinids are in the paid section? They’re legit weaker in every way to a default human, and barely differ from the humans.

Imagine paying for a downgraded race, instead of one that has actually advantages (IPCS and plasmemes, for instance.)

Though I’m generally against paying for races at all. add more character slots instead


Also, did you seriously price IPCs below moths, squids and felinids? Like, the race that is actually unique and does special things below the ones that are legit weaker humans?

Cease with your meme prices. They should really be priced at what strength and weaknesses they have. So moths, squids, and felinids should be uber cheap, (or just freaking free, come on bro) and IPCs and plasma men should be more expensive.

I really just hate the idea of paying for races in general, but if you’re gonna do it, have actually reasonable prices.

Me personally, this is what I would do. And before any one says “muh baseline was 2000 bee,” kerbin already broke that rule with fly people, so buzz off fly men. Not to mention that the ones I listed at that price have so many disadvantages they might as well be challenge races.

Roundstart races:

Moths - 1000 (weak race)
Squid - 1000 (pathetic race)
Felinid - 2000 (also a weak race, but people want them raised for memes, so there you go.)
Fly people - 1500 ( they’re bugs with a movement speed boost, something actually useful)
IPCs - 2500 (actually different, but dies to a stiff breeze)
Plasma men- 4000 (IPC but better)
I should learn to code and make bee people, because we can’t have bee station without bee men.

Everything in the other section (except for golem) is significantly more powerful than the other races, so I suggest not adding them. Adding golem would probably just cause confusion, so I vote no on that too.

Maybe you could raise the races I listed in price a bit, if this is too cheap, but this is generally what I think they should look like. I really think the first three should be free, but I’ll take cheap if I can’t get free. why the hell am I defending felinids? Also, holy frick, I’m spamming forum posts now.

IPC’s and plasmamen should cost around 4k both because they are cool.
For podpeople I could agree (for about 2k) but those other races - big no-no imo.
Felinids you could sell for 6666 beecoins.
And try to not get too diverse because pushing in as many races as you can. Add hats instead like TF2 did or maybe jackboots because I like jackboots and they are cool.

Lemme list em off

Felinid: put em at at least 10k, if not more. Keep em unattainable roundstart if possible

Moths: 1000

Ipcs: 2500. Utility race that’s easier for newbies

Squid: only for the robust- make it high.

Blasmaman: 5000-7500. Somewhat hard but very robust utility race.

Podpeople: humans but with passive healing and a few specific weaknesses. Do not add

Flies: they suck, 100.

I would be alright with paying 10k for felinid and it keeps all the awkward people who just play the race to attempt to join metagangs and act disgusting away from the race

Squids are weak, but are also just as bad as Vampires. They can ventcrawl when wearing nothing

the difference was vampires were able to ventcrawl with everything on squids aren’t as bad as vampires
vampires could be wearing a hardsuit with a shotgun strapped to their back and a bunch of lasers in their backpack squids can’t

Do we really want to do this at all?

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