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Squid can’t ventcrawl! I have tried many times. If you want truth try doing it yourself.

Pepole still think squid can ventcrawl…

They fucking can’t

They have no upsides. Like seriously they should cost like 10 or something as they have no upsides and only downsides.

Reminder buff squid

while we’re all arguing about the specifics and shit

how about we also bring up if we even want to do this at all

I mean, I’ve been saying i’m against this, but I don’t know what everyone else thinks. It really just seems like a pointless bee coin sink. We already have all these races, there’s no point making us pay for them now.

I’d rather pay for character slots.

Maybe some one should make a poll for this.

I thought they already decided to do this which is why I was joining in
I’m all for keeping it the way it is

Agnolege that squid can’t fucking ventcrawl and stop spreading lies and misinformation.

Regards a fucking squid main

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To be honest I’m not very thrilled about needing to pay for races. Perhaps we could pay for newer races that may or may not be added in the near future?

Squids can’t went crawl I have tested myself and I sugest you test it yourself if you whant to dispute this. They can’t do it and trying to balance them as if they can is dishonest and leads to pepole thinking they don’t need to be improved.

I’m sorry I’ve never been squid before and someone told me that

Ok good I’ll accept that there’s like 5 squid players I’ve seen and I’m one of em.

It’s kinda that I’m trying to get a squid buff which gets a lot harder when people think they can ventcrawl as it’s kinda broken.

please commit immediate self die. Paywalling races will only make beestation look worse. Its a fucking joke, this entire PR is a fucking joke.

Paywalling free to play content behind play/pay walls

not implying that beecoins will soon be only achievable through buying from the “beestore”

this is literally fallout 76 but worse. please stop monetizing free to play content


Likely my fault. I’ve been spreading that misinfo for like 3 months now.

no, i will personally come out of the woodwork to smite kerbin if this is merged

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I’m not a fan of paying for any races in general, but if we had to pay for new races that could potentially have power game implications (current example being that plasmemes and IPCs can become radiation gods) that would definitely be an issue.

this is literally mitigated by the fact anyone can play them, paywalling them for the express purpose of advertising these features to increase sales is just pure scum and encourages this behaviour.

When will beecoins be patreon locked? Or buying them through the “beestore”. literal joke

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any sort of paywalling is unacceptable. You will be as bad as lifeweb users paying 200£ for certain roles (knight) and will only make bee’s codebase look more and more mentally handicapped

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I’m sorry, one moment.

*sips tea

Now, where were we. Oh yes

*spits out tea

200 for a single roles?!! Jeez, that’s something else.

Isn’t lifeweb that one “dark rp” ERP server that everyone acts like it’s some huge secret?

this is a full sentence

yes, lifeweb is. Lifeweb paywalls most of its content between anywhere from 1 to 200+£. As a result, mostly degenerates (people who can afford to spend money for the p2w roles that buff your combat stats, armor and health along with abilities) are mostly the people that play there.

You know, I don’t like the fact that I’d have to pay to play more races either. I’m not even sure if Qwerty/Ike would accept the PR. However, this thread was made so people can discuss prices and post their own opinions of what price races should be.

If squids can’t ventcrawl, then their price should be lowered.

And flies are only 1,000 BCs because they take 3x damage from pest spray and 30x from fly swatters*

I’m also probably gonna make a followup PR that makes certain races give you more Beecoins for playing as that race and less for others.

Also, lmao toxic is here, who’ll tell him that you can’t buy beecoins with real money and that makes everything free-to-play, that just makes you earn your radiation god species

tl;dr: just put the price of what you think a race should be and then I’ll change the price accordingly