Beaned for being too proficient a scientist


**Admin’s CKEY:**kerbinfiber

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Golden

**Ban Type:**server

**Ban Length:**1 month

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2019-12-27 20:13

**Round ID:**10756

**Ban Reason:**Released a fuck-ton of xenobio mobs onto the station because, “the shield wall gibbing technique wasn’t working for some reason.” This ban is long because of the previous history of doing this.

**Appeal Reason:**First of all, I dont have a “history” of doing this. I have one note about it and that was months ago. Now on why I did this. when I play scientist I do xenobio to spawn a polymorph carp. to do this I need to spawn gold slime mobs if you inject the extracts with blood instead of plasma it creates 3 initially non hostile mobs. the mobs are not hostile to humans but do attack borgs and some other mobs like drones 'n shit. this usually doesn’t matter since in xenobio there are shield wall generators and if I spawn the mobs in bulk in between two generators I can just cull the mobs i dont want. Now in this round because the engineers were shit the shield generators weren’t firing up so I decide to spawn mobs in space. I spawned them to the right at first but i got bad RNG so I never got the carp. and since I ran out of space (ran out of space in space heh) I had just figured that 1) robotics weren’t really making any borgs so they weren’t gonna go sicko mode and 2) when shuttle comes it will just gib them. So I spawned them outside of departures. when I finally got the carp it turned me into a borg and then I realised that might be a problem. the carp went around shooting pretty much anyone who wanted I think and turning them into mobs that would make gold mobs mad. I thought that that could be corrected by the shuttle gibbing them. but retard cap bought the shitty SM crystal shuttle. so a lot of them came in and fucked us up. but im positive the only ones that got fucked were mobs. thats what i saw atleast

now that the lore is out the way. I dont know exactly what kerbin banned me for. Did he think the mobs were always hostile? Did he think i did it on purpose? Does he actually know all of this but he banned me for being unsafe about it? I dont know because of instead of asking me to elaborate while I was ingame he banned me after one message back.
Additional Information:
is it true that your not allowed to say The n word anymore? if its true thats pretty cringe bro

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I was the one who ahelped this. They were not spawned under departures at all. They were spawned on the side, between Xeno and Departures, where the shuttle does not land. Story doesnt hold up on this one chief. Also use the space provided to you and fix the things that break, dont ruin other peoples rounds because “muh tool brokun”

first of all yes the mobs were spawned under departures but they arent objects so some of them did move to the side aswell since i spawned allot, the mobs that weren’t right outside wouldn’t aggro because they were too far. second of all this isnt a matter of no power or something i could fix if the apc’s arent charging they generators just dont turn on. and lastly all those people turned to mobs were valid so if alfred collins came in and killed em you wouldnt even give a shit. Dont you get it? i didnt MEAN to get people killed

Yeah I highly doubt this is ban worthy if the mobs werent hostile and if my memory is good I actually dont think that mobs spawned with gold slimes attack borgos since I played rounds where borgos didnt got atacked by the tons of mobs that were in xenobiology.
Heres a gamer tip if the shield doesnt work:
Just spawn the mobs in the 2 tile space at the pens while resting then get up on the other tile and pull the mob you need

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Spawning the mobs in anywhere but xenobio is already bad.

Yes, I do know this, in fact, another reason why the ban is in place is because the fact that they’re not harmful to humans, why didn’t you just make them in Xenobio anyways? They’d still be contained and wouldn’t break out since they’re not hostile.

Secondly, what ended up happening, like you said:

There were people who died from these mobs. Which could’ve been avoided if you used common sense and used the extracts in the designated place.

Lastly, you’re the one who spawned the mobs. The mobs killed people. The mobs still got into the station into the Aft Primary Hallway on MetaStation and killed people. You spawned them, they’re your responsibility.

To back that up:

This is also true. There were mobs spawned to the side of departures, where only the asteroid shuttle would land. If you don’t believe me, the logs will show you. And for technicalities sake, if they weren’t spawned to the right of departures in space, then they sure as hell went over there.

I think the ban should stay.

But other admins need to comment their opinions.

the reason i didn’t spawn them in xenobio is because of the way mobs collide with other mobs/player. some mobs will shuffle through you and a mob your carrying if you’re in friend intent but alot of them dont. which makes spawning them out in the open and trying to fish out a specific mob pretty much undoable

This scenario is an IC Issue and doesn’t deserve a ban.

Also the fact that the banning admin is the one that decides the appeal is a flawed system.

He killed many other players as a non antagonist because he didn’t want to use his department as it was intended to be used. Not IC at all

He didn’t kill them. The mobs did. Shot like that happens all the time. They weren’t even hostile. How’d the mobs turn hostile in the first place? Whoever attacked the mobs to make them hostile deserves the ban.

But other admins need to comment their opinions.

I also think it’s flawed as seen above.

And a number of people died from a non-antagonist scientist because “engineering was shit.”

And as stated above, they made the mobs, so it’s their responsibility, much like you’re responsible for whoever blows up a TTV you make.

I didn’t kill people, the plasma fires did.
Yeah I put plasma in distro, but I didn’t kill people.


Person doesn’t consider themself responsible for what something they caused the creation of did?

Keep the ban.

bruh, no non valid person died
and why do you keep giving me the “bro why didn’t you just spawn them in sci bro?”. i said that it wouldn’t work that way. my intent was not to kill (valid) people, and the fact that people died was unlikely to happen in the first place.

And you haven’t addressed the “history of doing this” bit. i have 1 note of it and thats it

If it’s in the past then it’s history, and yes, it can work in science.

And people did die from it.

i dont see the problem unless he spawned da goose cuz almost all simplemobs from golden extract are not aggressive and can only harm people if theres like harmful atmos or an explosion and they are blocking the way

what i meant was that you wrote it as if i have a habit of doing this. usually people dont say “x has a history of doing y” if there is only one occurrence of it.
Ban is still wack

Either way, people still died due to your poor choice of making xenobio mobs right next to departures.

I still need other admin’s opinions on this stuff. But I think this should stay.

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only one admin replying
i know your reading this bruh chip in

Played this round, watched a guy hit one of the mobs with an oxygen tank twice before getting fucked. These are normally non hostile to humans so If some silly person aggros the non hostiles, it’s their fault when the non hostiles go apeshit and annihilate them. This is not the creator of the normally peaceful mob’s fault. They made safe, non aggressive mobs and some ding dong whacked it.

The child shot themself! You cant blame the parent for leaving a loaded gun on the table within reach of the child. Guns are inanimate objects that cannot fire on their own, so clearly the child is at fault!