Banned For being Truth itself

CKEY: lolimilkaparatus

Admin’s CKEY: RukoFamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRp

Ban Type: Temp

Ban Length: Week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 3/29/2020

Round ID: 13979

Ban Reason: Muted their deadchat for the round after salting at someone in dead. They ahelped, went on and on about censorship. Muted ahelp, so they took it to OOC.

Appeal Reason: Nothing

Additional Information: I just wanted to tell you what i have already told you. You changed nothing. you muted me for what? Just to push your ideology? I do no subscribe to your censorship ideology woman! Dont you see that i am free? Free from your censorship? What do you mute me for? Just because someone told you to censor me? Listen here. This existence itself is already hard for me and if someone tells me i cant talk about things i want to it makes it even harder. So you punish me for what? Because you are on powertip? Woman? You female femtoid? I have told you many times that women are UNFIT to be in positions where they decide someones fate.

Like what did she banned me for? Is being salty even reason? Week ban really? Im also banned from OOC, Mentor, Dead chat, Admin help.

This is what women do to your mind. They imprison you. I just wanted to be free. Free from conflict. Just to be free. This Female literally mind raped me. If you read this you woman be assured that you are what is wrong with this existence. It Is YOU! Who subscribe to this ill ideolgoy. Where men cant talk about things we want to.

someone is SIMPin hard over here bros

At this point i wish i simp. Just to give women money so they let me be myself. But i think they do this just to kill us men. Kill us in our mind. Then kill our spirit.

do we have a 2nd drunk forum poster in the same 24 hours???

Like what did she even banned me for? huh?

Only god can tell me what i can say

Women ruined this game. You made them admins. You suck your own suffering.

Considering the amount of salt i see here i wonder how much you salted IG…

Considering the amount of salt i see here i wonder how much you salted IG
Let the Admin who banned me say what i was banned me for. Im waiting. Ruko. You bitch ass whore.

Wow. Okay then I guess I can just make this a permanent global ban + forum ban if you’d prefer?

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I prefer you fuck off from this server. Woman.

Did god told you to come here and salt everywhere?

Only god guide me. Not some whore on some server.

Yeah I thought you’d like that proposal. Glad we’re in agreement.