Ban appeal-Shitting in mouths

Title: “ERP” ban appeal

CKEY: Qfmysteryman23

Admin’s CKEY: PowerfulBacon

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: ERP

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 5/17/2020

Round ID: 16071

Ban Reason: ERP earlier in round ID: 16071 ERP is 0 tolerance on this server, even in joking. [2020-05-18 04:53:04.703] EMOTE: Qfmysteryman23/(Cleans-His-Ass) Lowers pants. (Brig (105, 162, 2)) [2020-05-18 04:53:12.787] EMOTE: Qfmysteryman23/(Cleans-His-Ass) POOPS IN YOUR MOUTH. (Brig (105, 162, 2)) [2020-05-18 04:53:17.657] EMOTE: Qfmysteryman23/(Cleans-His-Ass) farts! (Brig (105, 162, 2))

Appeal Reason: So, as the HOS I said in chat that “Any criminals that are sent to brig will get shit in their mouth.” My reason for this was to try and scare off any would be criminals. When Criminal came in I stuck to my promises and proceeded to shit in their mouth.
I did not mean for this to be a “ERP” thing but instead it was supposed to be a gross thing. However I see how my actions went to far and I would like to apologize for that. I hope that deep down inside all of you is a spark of forgiveness, god bless america and please forgive me.

Additional Information:


I really don’t know what to say to this appeal, especially since this was on MRP. Warning people about it, doesn’t make it any better.
Any opinions from other admins?

But also considering this is my first ban, can I at least get one more chance?

I want to see what @GameAdmin thinks of this

Prolly need more say/emote logs to see if more was done. While it makes me question being a part of this community in general, doesn’t really seem like ERP at all.

Still don’t like it though.

This is not very RP standard whatsoever and is quite disgusting.

well if I get unbanned, I will make sure to improve my RP skills and not do disgusting things.

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this is gross but there is far worse shit to worry about then a ironic joke

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I’d understand removing the ban for LRP, not really sage though.

I really do not like LRP, cant have a decent round at all.

In my opinion the minimum should at least be a sage ban, and at most a global ban

Can I atleast not be perma banned from sage? I really do not like LRP.

You shit in someone’s mouth on MEDIUM role play. I second bacon and say keep the mrp ban at least

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can I atleast just get one more chance? like seriously this is my first ban and Im not trying to excuse my actions but what I did was not really that bad, in terms of being perma banned from something. I could understand maybe a warning or a day ban or something. I did not murderbone or self antag, nor did I grief. All I did was cross the line on what can be said and what cant be said. Now that I know I crossed the line, I can easily fix the errors of my ways.

I could see you getting away with this on LRP but not really MRP. This isnt ERP, it wasnt erotic.

Well at least you understand that it wasn’t erotic

It’s not MRP behavior, but not permaban material given the single recent note (so excluding the ancient ones) and I’d say if the context is true it wasn’t erotic either. Disgusting, but not erotic.

I know this is a kink/fetish thing to some people, but so are feet and and innumerable other non-sexual things. Shitting on someone in a non-sexual context is just shitting on someone.


Not ERP, Follow our normal ban escalation for non-MRP behavior.

That mean Im getting unbanned?

Not my ban and currently it’s my opinion vs three other admins, two of which outrank me in authority.

Our ban system gives the banning admin final authority unless a head admin overrules them. All other admin postings are just doing so as advisors offering their points of view and opinions.

So, no.
Not yet at the very least.

This aint ERP chief.