Ban appeal raphael_2033 sharing aa is a reason for a server ban now by what is appears


**Admin’s CKEY:**bloons3

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**both

**Which server did the ban happen on?**lrp

**Ban Type:**server

**Ban Length:**1 day

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 09/09/2020

**Round ID:**21064

**Ban Reason:**Gave out mass amounts of all access to randoms on LRP as a head, this is self antagging Make HoP's and anyone who gives out all access valid, not only bannable Fixed ban from role to serverban as well

**Appeal Reason:**part of lrp rounds are to share aa with the crew no matter what is your job sharing aa

**Additional Information:**there was no warning of said ban there was no bwoink no one said that i was getting banned untill the ban arrive

Day ban + role ban.
Closing this one and linking it to the other appeal.