Ban appeal on behalf of another user, darkemperr666 (banned by winterdarkraven) //DENIED//

CKEY: darkemperr666

Admin’s CKEY: winterdarkraven

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: Job (command)

Ban Length: 2021-02-05 expiry

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2021-02-02

Round ID: 26675

Ban Reason: LRP Behaviour. As captain, supported and encouraged Cargo to order null crates. Unacceptable.

Appeal Reason: I was the quartermaster antagonist that round. I emagged the console and ordered the null crates. Captain was unaware I was doing it until after the initial ones had already been ordered. I was also trying to play “charisma antagonist” that round, and was generally helpful and did my job, as well as parting out all explosives and giving them to security in order to make it seem like I was a quartermaster who had just found an emag and wanted to mess around. (I also created a fake story about finding said emag to that effect). I also did not seek his approval on future null orders or inform him of them.

At worst, he just went with it because I was being friendly and polite, and wasn’t stirring up any shit or handing contraband out to the crew (that he knew of). I asked command to supervise (after I had ordered them) and ensure that I wasn’t squirrelling away any explosives or giving out bullshit to the crew. I also came up with an excuse that I bought it for illegal tech.

I think I covered my bases pretty thoroughly in terms of playing the “Local Quartermaster Is Friendly, Orders Null Crates” story and absolutely didn’t get ordered to buy them by the captain that I can remember. The only thing he told me to buy were party supplies (which I did) and used the leftover money to buy the null crates.

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We don’t accept appeals created and made behalf of other players - The person who was banned is responsible for making their own ban appeal.

I’m going to mark this as denied until they can make their own appeal and explain it in their own words.

Appeal denied