Ban appeal for diegobm7



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Ban evasion (after appeal, no chance to respond)

Appeal reason:

This qualifies more as a ruling disagreement, but since the admin closed the thread before I could respond, here is my reasoning towards why what I did didn’t deserve a permanent ban:

Let’s suppose I was intentionally ban evading:

Why would I use the same computer I’ve been logged using with both accounts? Why would I use an evading account with such a similar name? ( I was banned for supposedly evading with my account ‘diegobm7’ from a ban on ‘aptybm7’) Why wouldn’t I use a VPN to prevent the accounts from being linked? If I was actually intending to evade my ban, the utter lack of measures, taken to prevent myself from being caught and the useless nature of evading an appeal on forums ban ( since if I were aware of such a ban, I would appeal it and not risk a permanent ban) makes no sense, if I were intending to evade a ban and keep playing on here. However, if we examine this from a point of me not knowing I was banned on that account (on which I barely played on, since it was logged in at my father’s house, where I spend less time), this makes much more sense, since I kept playing on my account ‘diegobm7’ which I had been exclusively using since I was at my mother’s house.

I think there is a big difference between intentional and unintentional ban evasion, especially punishment-wise. When a person intentionally ban evades, they are trying to escape a punishment that they are aware was put in place, and willfully acting against what the administrators ruled would be their punishment. However, when the evasion is unintentional ( as is my case) the banned person in question is just playing the game normally, unaware they were banned, as is in my case, on a barely-used alt account. In the intentional evader’s case, I believe it is right to follow server policy and offer a permaban, but in the unintentional evader’s case the more appropriate thing to ban for would be multikeying, which I don’t believe deserves a permanent ban.

I am therefore asking for my permanent ban to be shortened to a temporary ban, the length of which is to be determined by the administrators based on what they believe is a fair punishment for the multikeying or even the unintentional evasion, I will appeal the ban that originated all of this if needed later.

Additional information:

About my original ban, this ban was applied a month after I actually did the bananable offence, since then and I believe a very short temp ban for some shittery I think my behavior has been completely by the rules and, in fact, I think I have grown quite a lot as a player. There are players who could vouch for my good behaviour if needed, although they might not remember me since I’ve been in the community for such a short period of time.

This claim doesn’t hold up to basic scrutiny.
You were told about the ban (which is logged) the same day it occurred just a few hours afterwards.

ACCESS: Failed Login: ApTyBm7 - Banned globally Feb 26, 2023 @ 15:14:33.021

You were then on a different account less than a week later.

DiegoBm7 LATEJOIN Mar 2, 2023 @ 18:23:56.085


What about the punishment for griefing, the whole reason your other account ApTyBm7 was banned? That is usually a permanent ban by itself, even without the ban evasion.

You can claim to be an innocent good player that just made an honest mistake, but your record very clearly shows otherwise:

Banned from fulp on Apt

Immediately ban evade with diego


Get banned again for egregious conduct on Apt

Ban evade AGAIN this time with a third account, josexo


Banned on Yogs, generally known for lenience and working with newer players.


Followed by four bans on Beestation, culminating with a ban for griefing


And you just so happened to also accidentally ban evade off both Fulp and Yog too? I’d like an explanation as to how you received those bans.


As far as I know I’m not banned on Yog for evasion, but in regards to Fulp I evaded a ban that wouldn’t get any appeals accepted, that I saw as unfair since I didn’t know about the cultural context of the word, I thought it was just common slang, as I had seen it portrayed in media. I learned my lesson about ban evasion and wouldn’t do it again for any reason.

Correct, that was an error on my part. That ban was for griefing not evasion.

As for the actual ban itself. I have a difficult time believing that this wasn’t intentional given your previous conduct both here and on other servers. As stated in your previous appeal you will need to acquire a vouch from another reputable server before attempting an appeal.