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you died… to simplemobs. Bruh.


it was a cult round, I had lethals. and the mime had no armor. I don’t know how it happened but I got shafted.

expanding simple mobs a bit would be a MUST for expanded exploration. allowing for stuns to work, with more hits needed would do a lot for animal encounter playability

it has happened a couple times to everyone, being in space is not good when fighting space carp.

come to think of it that’s not the only time shotguns did no or little damage to who I shot.

I’m getting a HUGE feeling of hypocrisy.

“get good play the game” easy I’m very American, its in character for me to stockpile protection in my house so the whole community is safe.

“don’t power game” don’t get good and don’t play the game . . . uh what ?

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In before banned for powergaming

with melee damage as it is its going to continue to be a joke to me that you all shit your pants at the sight of a hatchet, kitchen knife, or spear.

in before lascrusader105 fills his pants at the mention of such horrible items


and a boltgun on his hip

Have you considered power gaming? Via chemistry, botany, atmos, xenobio, robotics or even using Sec gear you can easily defeat antags and even find ways to instagib them(something more powerful than most antag weapond) as long as you experiment and know what to use and how to get it

that’s awful cool and neeto, but I’m not going to ignore an obvious problem just because there are alternatives. station items need to be doing more damage when they hit people. 12 damage is not damage, its a joke.

damage isn’t even what wins fights, it’s knockdowns and stuns. And believe me, there’s plenty of ways to make it easier to knock people down and stun.

you are correct, which would mean that the damage you deal doesn’t mean as much. the reason I want to increase damage is to make strait damage closer to stuns and knockdowns. buff melee because cowards are afraid of being three shotted before they can fumble out their one shot kill stun.

Increasing damage is as dumb as hardstuns, because the other condition for winning a fight is critting someone. Having station weapons deal more damage would just make shitting on people easier and fights more braindead.

one shot stuns is still better than three shot melee.

buffed melee would mean that some people are walking around with 20 damage in their pocket, not a rocket launcher.

I honestly cant see stuns and knockdowns nerfed, so I say damage goes up

So… you want to give any standard greyshit melee power on level with the fucking fireaxe.

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I… have no idea what you’re trying to say. Antags too powerful? Lings? Traitors? Culties? Is it that simplemobs are too powerful, like space carp? Damage being low?

  1. Depending on your and their skill, you could get away from your assassin easily without powergaming. As Zeta said just read the situation. You facing down someone with an E-Sword in maint? run away and throw things until you leave. Can’t leave? Call security and stall for as long as possible, etc.

  2. If it’s about simplemobs, then all you really need to do is get anything decently powerful and/or ranged and spam attacks until either you or it drops. Space carp can go down in like 2-3 hits from an Unsharpened Knife.

  3. Lings? Yeah, lings are fucked.

  4. “Get good and play the game” doesn’t mean stockpile weapons or gear. It just means to learn the combat system, and get good at it until you can take down people who have better gear than you. Tableslam, Disarm, Screwdriver in the eyes, Sand in the eyes, whatever. Stockpiling weapons is powergaming because you likely have no real reason to do it. If I was a scientist on a “Top of the line” research station, I wouldn’t start my shift off by making a locker full or spears or begging sec for a disabler. That disparity between Antag Items/Abilities and the crew is balanced by the entire crew coming to kick your ass the second you get found out.

  5. Sure. Are there times in which you face the most robust person to walk spess? Yes. Will you have to fight a changeling in maint every so often? Of course. But again, every round is different. You may face a robust team of Nuke Ops, or a traitor that doesn’t know how disarming works. You could fight a ling known for murderboning, or one that didn’t even grab the armblade.

  6. If we’re talking damage, then of course traitor items should be wildly better then standard gear. There is a reason DESwords are expensive, it’s because it’s powerful as hell. I wouldn’t think that a man armed with a toolbox or glass spear could go up against Darth Maul fairly. Plus, some weapons can theoretically already go up against traitor gear without breaking powergaming. Chaplain’s Null Rod, Hatchet/Deathnette as botany, Circular Saw/Drill as Medical Doctor, KA/Megafauna Gear as miners, Booze bottles as… well really anyone. I’ve made self-defense grenades as Chemists, and nobody batted an eye (Might want to stick to Sorium), hell even toolboxes are decent as anyone. Sure, would it be fair? Nope, but at least it’s something. Increasing the damage of random station stuff just makes Traitor Gear weaker, and honestly not much should compare to a fuckin Lightsaber, in my Opinion.

  7. Please don’t use the word rape, It’s murder. You’re being assassinated, not raped. At least not on beestation. ERP is illegal here. Plus it feels a bit off that a heinous IRL crime is being related to someone getting killed in spessman game, but whatever.

*Also chainsaw/potent deathnettles.

I always forget about deathnettles. H.

but anyways, the point is
get good. Combat doesn’t just encompass clicking on the other spaceman until they’re horizontal, it’s about how well you can use the tools available to you to make that other spaceman horizontal or keep yourself vertical until other spaceman come to make the antag man horizontal.
There’s plenty of ways to outplay antags, ESPECIALLY anyone using melee traitor gear outside of carp/northstar/carp&northstar for anything that’s not just a maint stabbing.

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