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I don’t know where to put this or where to send it to. so I’m leaving it here.

I will sue if you use my ideas.

I do not support beestation’s general behavior or attitude. space station 13 is currently a “rape simulator.” there is no counter to traitor weapons, they have EVERYTHING that you have. changlings not only can do damage but have AoE stuns and disables. I’m not saying buffing melee would allow anyone to beat changling or traitors. I’m saying that this will only bring things closer to being balanced. but it would allow a chance for the people of the station to live.

as things are there is no chance for a target to win. sure there is a chance for the antag to beat themselves. but that does not mean that the victim has a chance. the victim has no chance. this is not a game. this is antag walks into room and commits rape and there is nothing you can do about it. the antag can do something about it. the antag can fuck up. but the victim cant do anything. anyone calling me wrong deserves a two week ban for powergaming.

I will sue if you use my ideas, I will not support rape.

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do you only play bee n word are u ok


no I am not ok, I don’t know how you don’t see it. or why you are not trying to fix it. there is no game if there Is a guaranteed outcome, so how can you call this a game ? you know whats going to happen there is no susspence no competition. there is only “is the antag going to make a mistake.” and looking at this from the standpoint of “this game deserves to be good” this is a massive problem that you should have fixed YEARS ago.

if the melee damage is as fine as you say, drop eSword damage to 20 and DeSword damage to 30.

consider that u are bad at this game


I am happy to be bad at a game that is as poorly balanced as this. I take it as a point of pride.

get good and learn how to blue intent

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I blue intent all the time. but still have to wonder what is wrong with you all.

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all I want to know is what you want, do you want weapons being in the 30 damage category ?
20 damage ?
10 ?

whatever you want damage to be choose it and stick with it. don’t have such wildly changing base values is destroys game balance.

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what are you on about


station items are running an average damage of 15, half that of a cult sword or eSword. there is a MASSIVE difference in these numbers and I just want them closer, if nothing else. gonna mention going down is a bad move, but so long as its balanced I wont mind.

as things are a DeSword should do 24 damage

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I honestly don’t see a problem with there being a numbers disparity between antag gear and the crew’s gear, except with conversion gamemodes like cult and gangs. Fuck 'em.

The tradeoff for having access to gear that’s more powerful than most of the station’s gear is that you will get your ass validhunted to hell and back. You will often need to contend with not only your target, but also security and anyone who happens to be in your general area when you’re trying to carry out an assassination. A numbers advantage will almost always result in a win, unless the mob is exceptionally unrobust.

As for getting caught alone, there’s ways to counter that too: FUCKING RUNNING. Getting caught by someone with an esword in maint fucking sucks, but there’s definitely ways to get yourself OUT of that. Throw bulky sized items at them to create distance, throw random maint garbage at them to build up a bit of damage and make them back off, blue intent them once and then run away before they can hit you. It’s all a matter of knowing what’s available to you in a situation and how you can protect yourself/make distance.

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fuck, you got me. Can’t believe I fell for the oldest trick in the book.

ok so have you not been an antag, and like, the person you gotta murder just pulls out a fucking sawed off riot shotgun and slugs you in the fucking head when you try to kill them, or gotten shoved over while holding a gun tyrna shoot them, and then get iced by your own gun?

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yes, actually. well I was the one shooting but the two shots I sent into the gut of my opponent did nothing. so that.

I just want to explore space and gateway without artificial bullshit like bears with a piddly pool of 100 health

pFFFT, only reason that would happen is either A: you used rubbershot, you fucking dolt, B:they are lings which are broken anyways, C: the dude actually acquired really fucking good armor, D: d r u g s

OHHH you mean simplemobs, yeah no, simple mobs are old bullshit that are stun resistant and could give less fucks about what you try until they hit 0 HP and die