AzraelKnightquest permabanned by Vexylius

## Game Ban

Title: AzraelKnightquest permanently banned by Vexylius

CKEY: AzraelKnightquest

Admin’s CKEY: Vexylius

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Threatening the server and being shitsex.
Appeal Reason:
I feel my behavior warranted a ban but not a permanent one and felt the Admin did not behave appropriately.
Additional Information:
In short, I was Warden that round. I had grabbed someone, searched them and found some things I wasn’t sure about. I wanted to question the individual and brought him to questioning. A SecBorg kept coming in and I kept telling him to leave. He kept making excuses to ignore a direct order from a human being (which, last I checked, was against Borg behavior), trying to claim “human harm” when none was done. Finally, tired of an insubordinate Borg that ignored anything I said and kept acting like he didn’t have to obey orders from a human, I smashed the Borg (AGAIN, last I checked, Borgs are NOT human. I’ve smashed more than a few Borgs, on BeeStation Sage and never got in trouble or bwoinked, though there have been IC retaliations). I questioned the individual, get bwoinked by Vexy asking “Why did you kill the borg?” I responded “He was ignoring direct orders from a human and claiming human harm when none happened and stating human harm would happen if he wasn’t around. I got tired of arguing with him. He’s not a human or lizard or anything, so it doesn’t count as killing or griefing.” Vexy responded “You destroyed Nanotrasen property…” in the bwoink, I responded with, “Well, if they wanna fire me or demote me or bill me, they can”. Or something like that. Next thing I know the SecBorg comes back in a new body, arrests me, strips me of my items and throws me in the Brig. I constantly told him again and again NOT to do that, giving him direct orders. He ignored me, kept claiming “human harm” despite no one getting hurt and I ahelped Vexy. He didn’t respond. I kept ahelping. No response. I get left in the brig. Vexy’s response to the whole ordeal? He’ll open a brig door for me. Didn’t do a THING to the borg for the hostile takeover or for the disobeying of orders from a human. He also wasn’t antag, Vexy didn’t state any of it was valid. That was Vexy’s way of making things right, letting me walk out a door naked into an area with more security doors I can’t access. I got infuriated, started hurling insults and telling him maybe if I report him to an admin on discord, this’ll get handled. I snarled angrily in OOC I believe (I don’t know if I told enough to qualify for ICK OCK or not. It’s been awhile, I don’t remember what I said but I know I said something). I reported Vexylius to Azlon, Mark Suckerberg and Cthulhu. All three responded and all three stated Vexy did NOT handle that properly at all. However, Mark responded first and warned me that he couldn’t really intervene or punish Vexy without also punishing me because I had made smart ass comments about uploading a virus in his computer (Which I don’t know how to do and have never, ever done just my attempt to insult him). I told Mark that I understand and I don’t care if I get punished, as long as Vexylius gets punished as well. Mark said “Okay” and it went from there.

It’s been awhile and I spoke off the line to Azlon on Discord about it. She stated that he was a trialmin. I’m not gonna lie, I have NEVER had an admin respond so poorly to an ahelp before. Honestly, I feel like at times some Admins respond TOO strongly to ahelps but even Admins that I don’t like and don’t like me, always handled ahelps promptly and seriously. That is ONE area where I have to say I feel BeeStation has always been constant, Admins quickly respond to ahelps and handle them in a serious fashion. My only complaint is that at times I feel they are heavy-handed, dishing out perma-bans instead of weeks-long or months-long bans. I never ONCE complained about an admin NOT responding to an Ahelp I sent seriously or quickly. No matter what the issues were between me and any Admin on this server, I always felt Admins handled ahelps in a strict and prompt fashion.

Vexylius did NOT and allowed very inappropriate behavior to occur (as I understand the rules) to me for whatever reason. That doesn’t justify my behavior and looking back, I should have never said those comments as there’s no proof that I DON’T know how to use a virus on a server (If you even can. No, I really don’t know if you can). But the claim of me being Shitsec not just and I feel Vexylius did NOT act appropriately as Admin. I feel I have been banned long enough and to be honest, I do regret my rageful behavior. Something Mark and Azlon both spoke to me about on Discord.

I respectfully request the ban to be lifted, even if jobbans must continue.

You really should have ahelped the borg, not killed it. A borg is a player, and killing it is griefing. If a borg refuses to obey it’s laws, then you’re supposed to report it, similar to brainwashed victims.

Well, I wasn’t banned for smashing the borg, but if I’m being honest, my comments afterwards kind of warranted a ban.

Being bwoinked about killing a borg that disobeys its lawset is cringe to begin with and smells like a ‘i dont like you so im bwoinking you’ situation lol

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That’s more or less how I felt about it, to be honest. I think I accused the Trialmin of being partial to the player.

With respect, I feel that’s more of an opinion than a rule.

It’s quite literally a rule. It says it in silicon policy. If a borg refuses to obey it’s laws, that’s a reportable offense, not an excuse to take a person out of the round.

Not saying you shouldn’t be unbeaned, but i’m just saying that in this scenario, ahelping a borg for breaking server rules is the proper response. You also broke a rule by killing a borg, which took it out of the round for some time, even though the borg was wrong. If you had ahelped it, the borg would be the only one in trouble.

I’m gonna double check that. Because not even the Admin was willing to ban me for that. I was banned for my comments.

It’s overescalation to straight up kill the borg anyways.

Seeing as how it didn’t really do any harm, it was just disobeying orders.

Ahelp things that are going against the rules, such as a borg not following proper silicon rules and laws.

no it’s really not overescalation when it’s disobeying its lawset which it can’t do unless rogue

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I ahelped the hostile takeover of my position and the Brig by the Borg. He did more than disobey.

It’d be escalation until the borg was doing something that would actually warrant attacking it.

Asking the RD, or flashing it because it was disobeying orders would be better.

What even was the server that the ban was made on anyways?

The server was BeeStation Sage. I don’t do Golden.

The perma thing seems to be more from the ick ock and yelling that resulted from the borg.

Nah, azrael said he was going to give vex viruses. That’s what got him in trouble.

cromgeee also kinda gay just threatening people on the internet

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No, I was present at this incident and it very much happened. Some other things you did that round were:

  • Trying to execute Efe for “mutiny” because they, as a lawyer (and therefore not under your authority) repeatedly insulted you over sec comms, whilst you yourself constantly insulted and disobeyed your direct superior.
  • Pulling a compact combat shotgun on the HoS when they told you to stop trying to kill Efe.
  • Getting arrested for pulling the shotgun on the HoS, before committing suicide and ick ocking about it.

Yes, you are correct in that people hate you, but they also hate you for a reason.

Even so, I still have no recollection. I had to speak to Jetra to figure out who “Moccha” was. My understanding is that she is a long-retired admin. And I have spoken to Kev or CthulhuOnIce. You’re free to ask him yourself. I’ve often spoken on admins I felt acted poorly, trying too hard to push people around. And I’m sorry to say “Caecilius”, I’ve no idea who you are either. Your name isn’t even slightly familiar. On top of that, all Moccha is doing is insulting and trolling on here. So, I don’t really believe you and I think Moccha believes herself to be far more familiar to me than she is. I stand by my comment. I believe Moccha is just one of those individuals that tried to be clever or cocky, got searched and found out, threw a fit and holding a grudge. Nothing else.